Death Stranding Order 62 How to Get to the Chiral Relay Guide

If you have made it so far in the Death Stranding that you might know most of the game and are familiar with almost everything. This is the one last stop before you get to the Edge Knot City, where there is an abandoned Chiral Relay on the east side of the Tar Belt. It is the belt that separates Edge Knot from the rest of UCA. Keep in mind that this order is necessary to progress through the main storyline. Below is our guide to completing the Death Stranding Order 62.

Death Stranding Order 62

  • This order is about Repair: Chiral relay and starts at Heatman’s Lab.
  • You have to expand the Chiral network and cross the Tar belt, to get to the final destination of Chiral Relay.
  • You will be rewarded with the design data of Remote Detonation Grenade Launcher (upon connecting Edge Knot City).

Keep in mind that this is going to be one of the most gruesome and difficult journeys so far for Sam, so at first, you just need to get back to the Evo-devo Biologist, and you will know the path to get back to the Heartman’s Lab because of the previous mission.

Head down from the front stairs of the Heartman’s Lab and then turn west and go towards the snowy mountains. After that head north and then again turn west, then head downhill towards the snowy field and take a left to meet Evo-devo biologist for a quick break and you can recharge of your generator.

Get out of the Heartman’s lab and go down the hill to the tar lake BT area from Order 61, but instead of going to the BT territory just stick to the flat expanse of land at the foothills of the mountain as you go towards the southwest.

You will see MULES on your way to the southwest, if you want to avoid the contact you can go the above path and it will be alright. Go to the snowy pass, then towards the downward trek through rocky hills into the opposite side. From here, you will see the Chiral Relay in the distance. It is a large cross-like structure, from here it is just a smooth sail until you hit the Chiral Relay.

After getting to Chiral Relay you have to find a way to cross the Tar Belt in order to get to the Edge Knot City and it is just you without any gadgets or bridge to help you. There is one thing that you can do though, when you are caught by BTs they get you to a boss BT to fight and if this didn’t happen to you yet then kudos…..

For that you can head to the right of Chiral Relay station, you will find the BT area there on a jetty leading out into the tar belt. Here, you need to do what you wouldn’t do otherwise anywhere in the game, you need to let yourself get caught by the BTs. They will get you to the center of the Tar Lake, where you will see a huge BT whale.

Here you will see some buildings in the distance which is the Edge Knot city and these buildings are the path for you to follow. Here you need to use your reversal skills to climb the buildings and in doing so, you need to make sure to avoid the whale as much as possible as it will try to attack you. If you see a whale coming, wait for it to get down in the water and then continue forward.

As you go ahead, you will approach a waypoint where you will see Amelie waving strangely towards you. Just make your way to her but even before that there will appear a cutscene, and after that head to the Edge knot city distribution center to connect Edge Knot city and pick up the order 63.

Otherwise, you can proceed to South-West to the tar coast where you will find an area with a bunch of BTs (As I said, complex), keep moving South where you will then move yourself through the Tar Belt, being as loud as possible and waiting for a BT to rise out of the belt.

It This will create a path for you to walk to the other side of the belt. Run to the other side of the belt as fast as possible, avoiding anything the BT throws at you.

The sequence can be heart-pounding, but simply make it through this section, and find Amelie in the Tar Belt, which will then bring this horrifying chapter to a calming close.