Death Stranding Order 61 Tar Extraction Device and Ammonite Delivery to Evo-devo Biologist

The following guide will be detailing you on Death Stranding Order 61 – Tar Extraction Device and Ammonite Delivery: Evo-devo Biologist. Pre-requisites and everything you should expect from this journey have been detailed so you do not have to head out unprepared. You will be carrying out these orders for Sam, the Order can be received from the Paleontologist.

The Order requires Sam to gather Four Containers of Tar Extraction Devices, and deliver a container of ammonites and four containers of Tar Extraction Devices.

Death Stranding Order 61

Once you have the quest from the Paleontologist, you are going to be headed into an area with a considerably worrying amount of BTs. From your current position, go West and start climbing the Snowy Mountains Skyrim style.

As you reach the top of the mountain, start placing anchors and descend from the West-Side of the mountain. Keep going West until you see some smoke coming out of the rocks.

From this point on you are going to want to head to the Southern Edge of Mountain Knot City. This is the area you are going to want to be extremely careful of as it is crawling with BTs inside out.

As you enter this tar pit, you will see a large tar lake along with the 4 containers you need (Tar Extraction Devices).

While in this area constantly use the Odradek Scan to keep an eye out for those sneaky BTs, so you can cut their umbilical cords stealthily with your Cuff Links. Make sure you are holding your breath and crouched before you get too close for comfort with the BTs.

If you happen to get trapped by one of these BTs, a boss fight will trigger where you will face two BTs. Should you happen to be unlucky enough for one of these encounters, make sure you are well-equipped to tear these beasts down.

Make your way through and about the Tar Swamp and collect all the Tar Extraction devices which you will then be delivering to the Evo-devo biologist.

Get out of the Time Fall, far away from the BTs and head up the hills on the North Side of the lake, and climb up the snowy mountain where you will find the Evo-devo Biologist at the top. Give him your findings to complete Order 61.

After you have completed this order, you can now go to Heartman’s Lab to get Order 62 and continue your journey through the world of Death Stranding.

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