Death Stranding Order 60 Recovery: Ammonites Guide

After Order 59, you’ll receive a mission at the Paleontologist where you’ll have to find 5 Ammonites and bring them back to Paleontologist. In this Death Stranding Order 60 guide, we’ve given the location where you can find these Ammonites along with some helpful tips on how to recover and deliver ammonites.

Death Stranding Order 60

This part of the game is quite safe as there are no MULES and BTs to deal with. At the start of this mission, you’ll be heading to the southwest side from the Paleontologist, into a deep ravine (a large hole of smoke) to find the Ammonites. So, make sure you bring a ladder with you that will help you when you’re inside the hole.

For other recommended items, we would suggest Bridge Boots level 3, power skeleton, PCC level 2, and of course the oxygen mask in order to help you breathe in the smoke areas. Upon leaving the distribution center, make sure you charge your batteries to power up the mask when in need.

Once you’ve reached the location, head downhill to see a large hole like a canyon with smoke coming out of it. Be sure to select the “Put on Mask” option for the Oxygen Mask in your Cargo, before going inside the smoke area.

After selecting the option, the mask will be activated and you’ll be safe from that dangerous and poisonous gas. But don’t use the mask when not needed since it runs out of battery when over-used.

Now, head into the canyon and pick up all the five ammonite packages; these packages are easy to find, as they’re located close together. Once the packages are in your possession, climb back up the hole with the help of a ladder you brought and deliver the packages to the Paleontologist.

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