Death Stranding Order 59 Antimatter Bomb Delivery to Paleontologist Guide

In this Antimatter Bomb Delivery guide, we’ve given the entire walkthrough of the delivery order you receive, which includes some important tips, a proper game plan, rewards you receive at the end of the mission and items that you may use throughout in your Journey to deliver the antimatter bomb to the Paleontologist. Without any further wait, let’s continue the Death Stranding Order 59 guide.

Death Stranding Order 59

Initially, in order to get the antimatter bomb delivery, you’ll have to accept the order from Heartman’s Lab. Once you’re given the delivery, head south from your location.

In the next part of your journey, you’ll be traveling across some stiff mountain areas towards the Paleontologist. So, make sure you use the Thermal Pad as it will keep your stamina high which helps you climb these mountains.

Moving even further from the Geologist, you’ll come across a cliff; these cliffs are really hard to climb down. Be sure to grab a Climbing Anchor and a repairing spray (to repair the container of the Antimatter Bomb) before you leave. Make full use of the Anchor to climb downhill safely with the antimatter bomb on your back.

Slow and Steady wins the race! In this case, it’s better for you to move slowly since you’re carrying an explosive on your back. Therefore, be patient and you’ll make it to the Paleontologist. But if you just want to get it over with, you can simply use a Floating Carrier that may help you.

The more you move closer to the Paleontologist; the snow will slowly fade away and you can deliver the Antimatter Bomb to the Paleontologist without any struggle.

Once the Paleontologist is linked with the Chiral network, you’ll receive a level 2 Hematic Grenade along with the Design Data for the Oxygen Mask.

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