Death Stranding Order 58 Anti-chiralium Medication Delivery: Geologist Guide

Death Stranding Order 58 guide will go over the Anti-chiralium Medication Delivery to the Geologist. This order is given to Sam and its completion is a requirement for progressing further in the story.

Death Stranding Order 58

You need to deliver 8 containers of Anti-Chiralium Medication from Heartman’s Lab to the Geologist. We recommend you do this and Order 59 simultaneously so that you can finish both at once.

You will start off at Heartman’s Lab where you will receive the 8 containers you need to deliver. This might seem like a bit much when considering the fact that you will have to make your way through mountains, but you can use your floating carrier to ease the burden on yourself.

You could also achieve this by taking a Power Skeleton with you on your journey.  If you already have one when you arrive at Heartman’s Lab then charge it up by crafting a generator with a Level 2 PCC. You will also be going through some cold areas on your journey so keep a couple of Thermal Pads with you.

Use your map to prepare a path so that you can make your way through the snowy areas easier. Plus you might encounter some enemies along the way so keep some spare Blood Bags and Hematic Grenades on you.

Once you’ve finished preparing and receiving the packages, leave Heartman’s Lab and head south from there. You will first come across a hill that you need to traverse. It is situated between two mountains and you should be able to get up fairly easily.

Once you’ve made it up, proceed southwards until you eventually enter BT territory. This will be marked by your Odradek arm extending.

You can pretty much get past this territory without a weapon because of the changes to your Cuff Links that mama did. If needed, you should use the Hematic Grenades you brought along but really, you can just sneak past the BTs and avoid all of that.

As you go deeper into the mountains, you will come across the ruins of some old buildings and structures. A blizzard will be obstructing your view but you will be able to get past this area without issue if you brought along a couple of Thermal Pads for the cold.

You will get to the Geologist after heading North East from the end of this path and you can finish your delivery of the Anti-Chiralium Medication.

Your efforts will be rewarded in the form of Design Data for a Level 2 climbing anchor. With that item in hand, you can immediately jump to Order 59 and it will be a lot easier to complete