Death Stranding Order 55 Corpse Delivery to Heartman’s Lab

Death Stranding’s storyline is divided into a number of episodes. In each episode, you complete different cargo deliveries to progress the story. In addition to the main story, there are also many different side quests in which you complete different deliveries for a reward. In this guide, we will explain how to complete the Order 55 in Death Stranding, Corpse Delivery to Heartman’s Lab.

Death Stranding Order 55

After escaping once again from the clutches of Clifford Unger, you’ll return to the Mountain Knot City Distribution Center, where you’ll be tasked with transporting Mama’s corpse to Heartman’s Lab.

You will have to successfully complete this delivery in order to progress the story as this delivery is part of the main storyline. The starting point for this delivery will be Mountain Knot City.

Your objective is to deliver Mama’s corpse to Heartman’s Lab. If you successfully complete the delivery, you will receive Design Data for Thermal Pad as a reward.

Recommended Items for Order 55

  • Bridges Boots Lv. 3 x1 – Spare set of boots can be useful.
  • Power Skeleton x1 – This will help you to be able to carry more weight.
  • PCC Lv. 2 x2 – You’ll be making your way around this area of the map a lot, you’ll probably want to set up a Zip Line Path from Mountain Knot to the surrounding locations
  • Anchor x 1 – You may require this to traverse down the mountain towards Heartman’s Lab.

After your fight with Clifford Unger, you will wake up from the events of fight in your private room at Mountain Knot City.

After all the cutscenes end, head out and accept the order 55. You will have to bring Mama’s corpse to the Incinerator present at Heartman’s Lab.

On this order, you will not be encountering any BTs or MULEs. So only bring items that can help you climb and descend mountains.

To make your way to Heartman’s lab after accepting the order, start moving towards the mountain by heading on the path in the east direction. Then turn towards the south to climb the mountain.

Reaching the mountain peak, you can create a zipline to close the gap towards the Heartman Lab.

From the mountain top, head down into the valley with the large heart-shaped lake, and then continue south on the west side of the lake where you’ll then find Heartman’s Lab.

Go to the designated point and drop off Mama’s corpse for incineration. Connecting Heartman’s Lab to the Chiral Network will also net you the design data to build a Thermal Pad for the coldest of environments.

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