Death Stranding Order 52 Retrieval: Camera Back From The Mules Guide

In this guide, we will talk about Order 52 of Death Stranding where you are tasked with camera retrieval. This order is in the continuation to the previous order that you just completed and is also necessary to further progress the story.

You know that Photographer is willing to connect to the Chiral network but before that she needs something else as well and this is your next order. For Order 52, she needs an important item of her back, which is a camera that MULES have taken. So here is the recommended path for you guys to complete this order in the easiest way possible.

Death Stranding Order 52

So from the Photographer, you have to go to the MULE camp towards the northeast. Start by heading towards north, as you might remember the path to the Distribution Center of Mountain Knot City.

After reaching the MULE camp, get yourself to a watchtower to survey the camp and find your target. You will find out that the MULE with the camera is close to a tent and circling it on the eastside, and there are some cliffs close as well.

Keep yourself in cover and head towards those cliffs, keep in mind to nullify any pings that are set up to find you. Get to the east side of the camp and closer to the camera thief MULE.

Now what you can do is jump on to the MULE and take him down silently and get the camera and use a ladder to get back to the cliff and follow the same path to go back.

Or you can also wait for the MULE to circle back and when he comes closer to you, just use the sticky gun to wrench the camera out of his grasp and shoot it to you.

After getting the camera, either way, head back to the photographer and she will reward you and Order 52 will be marked complete. You will get rewarded with the design data of Shotgun Lv. 1 and Riot Shotgun.