Death Stranding Order 51 Photograph Delivery to Photographer Guide

Orders are the main missions of Death Stranding and are compulsory in order to progress through the main storyline of the game. Here we will talk about Order 51 of Death Stranding.

In Order 51 Photograph Delivery, the story goes like after going back to the Knot City you found out there are some issues with your BB and now you will have to travel and connect a few of the surrounding locations without it. This order will start from the Mountaineer. And you will have to get a photograph from him and deliver it to the required location.

Death Stranding Order 51

You will receive this order from the Mountaineer, and your objective is to deliver the photograph to the photographer. There are no rewards for Order 51 but it is necessary to progress through the main story.

For this delivery, first you need to go to the mountaineer and accept the order and after doing so keep in mind you will be connecting a new location so head back west from the Mountain Knot City. You will have to use the zipline to get down to the Knot City.

After getting back to the city, go to the west side down the hill towards the river. Just follow the north side of the river until you hit the crossing point that you made to get to Mountain Knot City. From that point just cross the river and follow it on the other side of the bank.

The photographer that you need to get to is in between the two mountains that you will see on the west. Go towards those mountains, keep in mind that if during your journey you get to the BT zone then it’s not the way and you’ve gone too far.

From there just turn west and walk the inclined path to get to the Photographer. If you traverse the land correctly, you will not be needing any ladders and from that mountain get back down on the other side to the Photographer. Just deliver the photographer and your order is complete.