Death Stranding Order 50 Urgent Medical Device Delivery to Mountaineer Guide

The following is our guide of Order 50 – [URGENT] Medical Device Delivery: Mountaineer for Death Stranding. In this mission, players will have to deliver. The first thing you need to understand about this Order is that it is time-based. Although you can deliver the items outside of the allotted time, your Evaluation is entirely dependent on you delivering it within the time frame given – 60 minutes! It’s imperative that you not dawdle and get to the destination (denoted by the star symbol on the map) as soon as possible.

Death Stranding Order 50

Please note that the timer doesn’t start counting down until after you’ve exited the menu and equipped all your resources. Since you’ll be outside the Network parameters, you will not be able to fabricate materials and resources for yourself, therefore you must wisely pick the materials before heading out.

To begin with, you must accept the Order 50 from the Mountaineer – collect the Medical Devices from the Doctor’s Shelter and return to the Mountaineer. To reiterate, doing it within the time limit will get you a good Evaluation, so hop to it!

We recommend getting the Floating Carrier and Ladder before heading out, they’ll serve you the best in this mission.

After accepting the Order (and getting your supplies) start heading southwest from your current location. The quickest way to reach your destination is to slide down the mountain. This may prove to be a bit difficult with everything you’re carrying, but this is where the Floating Carrier comes into play.

Using your Floating Carrier like a snowboard, start heading down the mountain. This will make the act of balancing yourself and your cargo infinitely easier. It will also vastly reduce the time it takes to actually get down to the base of the mountain. Avoid any obstacles in your way (including BTs) and you’ll get through this segment of the mission relatively unscathed.

Keep heading towards the designated area of Order 50 until you reach a river. While you’re here, we recommend refilling your Canteen and your Stamina Bar, doing so will serve your interests in the long run.

From where you’re currently at, start heading south. You’re moving towards the mountain; keep heading in that direction until you reach a strong water current that’s separating you from the mountain. This is where you’ll need the ladder – to bridge the gap between you and your destination.

It’s highly possible that someone else has already laid down a ladder, but it’s best not to risk it so you should have one on you, just in case. After getting to the other side, you’re only a hop and skip away from your destination.

Once you’re there, activate the Terminal and retrieve the resources you were ordered to obtain for Order 50: a Medical Terminal and a Bio Printer. Use the Floating Carrier to carry them, it’ll save you a lot of time.

Now it’s just the matter of heading back the way you came. Cross the ladder, follow the river north until you’re close to the base of the mountain, avoid any BTs that may be in your way, and climb back up the mountain to deliver these resources to the Mountaineer.

If you don’t dilly-dally or waste time doing anything frivolous, it’s possible for you to complete this mission in 30 minutes or so; well within the time limit allotted to you