Death Stranding Order 5: Rare Metal Delivery to Distribution Center Guide

Order Number 5 in Death Stranding, as players make their way towards Port Knot City, will have players delivering some rare metals to a nearby distribution center. Completing the Order 5 delivery will unlock some gameplay features such as the addition of Mail and Data features to Sam’s cufflinks, recycle ability at delivery terminals and of course adding the distribution center to the Chiral Network.

Death Stranding Order 5: Rare Metal Delivery

In this guide, we will explain how to complete the rare metal delivery as part of Order 5 in the game as well as the recommended equipment you should take with you before starting out and some other useful tips. To get the equipment out of the way, since you are still early on in the game, ladders are pretty much all you have so take 3 of those to help you cross water.

Use watchtowers scout the surrounding area for MULEs and for Lost Cargo you can pick up along the way. Using Odredek to find the locations of BTs is extremely helpful when passing through the time fall. Use it every time it is available to find the safest path.

Activate the terminal inside Waystation West of Capital Knot City to start Order No. 5 and obtain the cargo needed to be delivered. Once the order has been confirmed, start traveling southeast.

Follow the river leading to the Distribution Center where you are supposed to deliver the rare metal, West of Capital Knot City. Eventually, you’re going to run into your first encounter with MULES. These low lives/waste bandits are after your packages, and will only attack you when you have stuff to steal on you.

For now, just keep running along the bank, avoiding them, you can fight them now with just your fists, but probably best to keep your cargo safe.

As you hit the mountain range, a cutscene should trigger when a time fall begins and the MULES cut off their chase, not wanting to mess with BT’s.

Once this happens, cross the river where you can use a ladder, then continue to make your way south until nearby BT’s trigger your BB unit and the odradek arm scanner extends.

From here use the BT Survival Guide to get through the BT’s silently and stealthily, heading south to the Distribution Center.

After you get through the BT’s, a short cutscene will trigger saying how the BB unit has become so stressed, its functions are suspended. Don’t worry though, you’re close to the Distribution Center, and it can be fixed there.

Head the rest of the way there, once you enter the distribution center, activate terminal to complete cargo delivery delivering those rare metals!

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