Death Stranding Order 49: Antibiotic Delivery to Mountaineer Guide

Order 49, AKA The Antibiotic Delivery to Mountaineer, is one of the many Orders that is given to Sam Porter in Death Stranding. This guide will comprehensively detail out the exact actions and paths players must take in order to complete it efficiently and without any hassle.

Death Stranding Order 49

Be warned, your path will be laced with BTs, and it’s a very real possibility to die during this venture. Therefore, follow the path we lay out for you as much as possible, don’t stray from it nor make any attempt to engage the BTs unless absolutely necessary; do not jeopardize the success of Order 49 Antibiotic Delivery to Mountaineer

This is one of the compulsory Orders, so if you want to progress the story, sooner or later you’ll have to actually complete this Order. And the first step involves you heading over to Mountain Knot City and accepting the Order.

You have been tasked with transporting Antibiotics to the Mountaineer, who can be found further north. His location is marked on your map (the symbol of a star).

You’ll essentially have to trek a great deal through mountainous areas. It’ll be quite the slog but that’s not the difficult part – the difficult part involves the copious amounts of BTs that riddle your path.

The quickest way to reaching the mountain and thus the completion of Antibiotic delivery to mountaineer is to first exit Mountain Knot City and heading exactly north.

We do not recommend taking the Reverse Trike, as mentioned earlier, you’ll be heading into steep, mountainous areas and the Reverse Trike will be absolutely useless in such terrain.

Continue moving in this direction, collect any supplies you find along the way if you feel you need them. For the first stretch of this mission, you won’t see much of anything (No MULEs or BTs).

However, that will change very quickly once you reach the area with several metal poles. It’s in this area that you’ll encounter BTs.

You’ll have to bob and weave through them (a serpentine maneuver); do your best to avoid them as there is a large number of them blocking your path. You’ll probably veer off course when avoiding them but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

It’s very likely that the BTs will begin to come out from the ground and try to drag you down; shake them off and keep moving. That’s the key point – keep moving!

Don’t move blindly, keep a close eye for the BTs and move appropriately.

Eventually, after some time, you’ll have cut through the BTs infested area, and from here you’re in the home stretch. Keep heading north towards the star symbol. Eventually, you’ll reach the Mountaineer and complete Order 49.

For those of you who don’t wish to come across as many BTs, another route is open to you, though this one requires a bit more legwork. Instead of climbing the mountain and cutting through the BTs infested area, head east and try to circle around the mountain.

You’re less likely to run into BTs (there’s still a possibility of encountering some but nowhere as many as you would in the other path) but this particular route is much more time-consuming.

You can consider it the scenic route if it so pleases you. Either way, you’ll eventually reach the Mountaineer and complete your objective.