Death Stranding Order 48 Medicine Sample Delivery: Doctor Guide

This Death Stranding Order 48 guide will help you deliver a batch of medicine sample to the Doctor as part of main story missions. This order is given to Sam and its completion is a requirement for progressing further in the story.  However, it’s pretty short and straightforward so you won’t face too much trouble with it.

Death Stranding Order 48

You will start off at Mountain Knot City from where you will accept the order. You will be given three containers filled with Medicinal Samples. Your objective is to get these to their recipient: the Doctor. We recommend you stock up before you leave for this delivery mission.

You will have to do a bit of traversing and bridge crossing so bring a pair of level 2 Bridges, as well as a ladder. You may also want to set up a Zip Line Path so that you can transverse around this location much easier later since it’s one you will be visiting quite often. For that purpose, bring 2 PCCs. You may also want to take a Power Skeleton on your journey since it will help you carry more.

The Doctor is just a little further West from Lake Knot City. Once you’re stocked up, head southwest from the starting area until you reach a cliff. You will have to use your ladder as a bridge to get across because of its steepness. If you’re lucky, another player may have left their ladder there already.

Once you get down there and proceed further, you will come across a large canyon. The same thing applies here; use a ladder if there isn’t one already there. Once you’ve gotten past that, you will reach the doctor.

Bring him the Medicinal Supplies and he will reward you by upgrading your canteen to Level 2. Additionally, the Doctor will be added to the Chiral Network. Once the delivery is finished, you can leave by going downhill and set up a Zip Line for later use with your PCC.