Death Stranding Order 44 Antimatter Bomb Delivery to Mountain Knot City Guide

In Death Stranding, the main character Sam has to deliver valuable cargo from one point to another. The Cargo has to be transported safely without any kind of damage for the mission to be a complete success. In this Death Stranding guide, we will explain in detail how to complete Order 44 in which you will have to deliver the Anti-Matter Bomb to the Mountain Knot City.

Death Stranding Order 44

This mission ties in with the main storyline and is necessary to complete to progress the story. The starting point for this mission is the Distribution Center North of Mountain Knot City. Your objective for Order 44 will be to deliver the Anti-Matter Bomb to the Mountain Knot City. You will receive the bomb in the terminal after you accept this mission.

We will recommend the following gear for you to carry with you

  • Power Skeleton: The cargo will contain heavy materials and this will help you carry them.
  • Assault Rifle Lv. 2: You will face some armed MULES. This will help you defend yourself.
  • Blood Bags: To heal yourself and power hematic grenades.
  • Hematic Grenades: To help fight BTs.
  • Ladder
  • PCC Lv. 2: To help recharge your battery by creating a generator.

After picking up the antimatter bomb from the terminal at the Distribution Center, head out and start moving towards the south. You will reach a river. Follow the river south and then east into the mountains after crossing the swamp. As the cargo is a bomb itself and will be very fragile, it is better to move on foot and do not take the help of any vehicles.

You will reach a fairly flat island. There will be some small rivers that you can cross using the bridges (if they are online). Continue moving in south direction. You will reach the area filled with MULE posts and proximity sensors. Try to avoid these sensors. If you are not careful, enemies will know your location and start hunting you down.

Continue running south, and when enemies get to close to you and are able to take shots, pause and take them out with the Non-Lethal Assault Rifle. Don’t worry about taking them all out with the cargo you’re carrying, just take out the ones you need to keep moving.

Once you’re out of MULE territory, catch your breath and continue south toward the river leading into the foothill of the mountains to continue with Order 44.

After crossing the river, you will be disconnected from the Chiral Network. You will now be in a BT territory. To keep safe from BTs, try to keep as close to the river as possible. By doing this, even once you’re Odradek BT scanner pops up, it will ensure that you’ll be so far away from the BT’s that you can simply stroll through the area.

If you, unfortunately, have to face a BT, use Hematic Grenade to stun them and run away.

After you are out of the BT territory, keep following the river which will not turn east and lead into mountains. Continue and find a location where you can use your ladder to cross the river.

After crossing the river, you’ll head up a fairly steep incline into the mountains. Soon you will reach your destination. Turn in the antimatter bomb to Mountain Knot City

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