Death Stranding Order 42 Scattered Rare Mineral Resources Guide

Orders are the main missions of Death Stranding and are compulsory in order to progress through the main storyline of the game. Here we will talk about Order 42 Scattered Rare Mineral Resource of Death Stranding. In this order, you have to collect all the scattered rare mineral resources. You will have to collect these mineral containers from the Waterfall Basin scattered by the Supercell. And then get those packages delivered to South Knot City.

Death Stranding Order 42

The basics of Order 42 Scattered Rare Mineral Resource are given below and then later we have explained the mission in detail

  • You will get this order at Mama’s Lab.
  • You will have to collect all four mineral containers scattered by supercell and deliver to South Knot City Distribution Center.
  • You will get rewarded by some chemicals that can be used at UCA facilities and design data for Reverse Trike Defensive and Handgun level 2.

First, you need to get to Mama’s Lab, that’s where you will get this order. After the cutscenes with Mama end, you can pick this order from her terminal.

You will have to go to the bottom of a large waterfall to the northwest. Here you will get those four packages, one on the east bank and 3 across the lake.

There can be some ladders on the left that will take you to the lake or you can go down through the slope towards north, reaching the bank where the first one will be at the bank, get it on your back.

Now to proceed with Order 42 you have to use that PCC of yours to create a zipline, this will give you an edge and you can easily cross the river to go to the other side to get the remaining three containers of minerals.

Use the same zipline and get back, you will see a low incline path to get out of that ravine after that go back to the South Knot City.

You will have to set up a few more ziplines to easily and swiftly cover your trip. Get those containers to the Distribution center of South Knot City and you will get the rewards and order will be marked complete.

Ziplines will make your trip a lot faster and easy. You will see some ziplines already built by other players, you can also use those and can build your own with PCC (Lv. 2).