Death Stranding Order 41 Building Materials Delivery Waystation North Guide

Orders are the main missions of Death Stranding and are compulsory in order to progress through the main storyline of the game. In this guide, we will talk about Order 41 of Death Stranding which tasks players with delivery of building materials to waystation north.

Death Stranding Order 41

Order 41 is third of Episode 4: Unger. In Order 41 Building Materials Delivery Waystation North, you just have to pick up five crates of building materials and deliver them to the required place. It is a pretty straight forward order and there is not much to be careful about but we have some tips and tricks up the sleeves for you to get through the order even more easily.

It is recommended to complete the Order 42 found at Mama’s lab before this one. Also, complete Order 40 before heading west so that you don’t have to run back and forth too many times. Plan out your journeys beforehand so that it doesn’t take too much time and energy for you to complete every single order individually.

You need to pick up Order 41 at the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City. You will find this on your way up north. You need to go Craftsman no matter how you are starting this order, either directly or either after delivering Pizza to Peter Englert for Order 40.

From Craftsman, you will start your journey to the west. Go west of the craftsman and keep going on the north side of the river and you will enter a heavy BT territory. You will see a large house on your right, there are some good materials in the house and if you want to collect you can go and get, but we recommend you to make a mental note and come back for them some other time.

BT territory will end just when you hit the foothills of the mountains on the west. Go for the large hill with slope and when you reach the top you will be able to see your destination to deliver the Building Materials.

After leaving this Chiral Network it will start to Rainfall, you will see a narrow waterway on the east, just follow it and you will reach your destination easily. Deliver the package at Waystation North of Mountain Knot City. And your order will be marked completed.

It is a long walk if you go by foot. We recommend you to use a vehicle to easily complete this order. Just keep in mind that after passing MULE territory your battery will run out, you need to set up the generator to replenish the battery.

Also, use Reverse Trike to protect your packages.