Death Stranding Order 40 Fresh Pizza Delivery to Peter Englert Guide

Order 40 in Death Stranding is kind of a silly one when you look at the general state of the game world but then again it also fits right into the Kojima trademark. As part of Order 40, players are tasked with Fresh Pizza Delivery to someone named Peter Englert. In this Death Stranding guide, we will show you how to deliver Pizza instead of saving the world.

Death Stranding Order 40

Make sure to complete Order 42 found at Mama’s lab before taking on this Order. Also, remember to pick up Order 41 once you hit the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City as you venture North

Before heading west to the Mountain Knot City, there are a few missions you can still take on here in the area you have connected. Up next your task list is another pizza delivery.

Recommended Items

  • Bridge boots: Always carry a square pair.
  • PCC(lvl 2): Now that you can make zip lines, it is a good idea to try them out and take advantage.
  • Ladder: You will need it to approach the cosplayer from the south.
  • Reverse Trike: It will speed up the first third of journey north.

For order 40, you’ll again need to deliver a pizza from South Knot City to Lake Knot City to Peter Englert. Remember that pizza is FRAGILE  and must be kept upright without shaking, so watch the footing.

Leaving South Knot City we’re going to make our way Northwest. Our first landmark we’re going to cross will be Mama’s Lab. Once you hit this head north towards the Cosplayer.

You should hit the low incline path that leads down into the ravine with the lake at the base of the waterfall.

Head down this then turn north when you are next to the Cosplayer. You’ll probably need to leave your Reverse Trike behind here and pick up another in a moment.

Here use your ladder to get down the large rocky cliff into the ravine where the Cosplayer’s cave is.

Of course, there may be a player left ladder here so use that if you can. Also nearby the Cosplayer you may find a vehicle left behind for another player, grab that too if you can.

Head north up the ravine until you see a sloped path you can take west toward the riverbank. Do so, then when you hit the river, turn north and follow the east bank until you get to the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City.

From here you should have your path fairly memorized by this point. Grab a Reverse Trike from the Distribution Center, and continue your way north. If you can, use your auto paved path to quickly get north, otherwise, follow the path dictated in Order 35.

Once you’re nearing Lake Knot City, you can turn west and make the rest of the trip that way to Peter Englert to deliver his fresh hot pizza. He better be grateful!

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