Death Stranding Order 38: Emergency Provisions Delivery Guide

Death Stranding Order 38 starts at the Lake Knot City’s distribution center. When you load up your cargo, a strange man comes and says that you have to deliver the cargo to the South Knot City, warning you that the cargo is too fragile. In this guide, we will help you complete Death Stranding Order 38 and figure out exactly what’s so interesting about this cargo you are carrying.

You have to be quick because you will have only 20 Minutes to complete the objective. You can see the details of the cargo on your loading screen as it say that it is a small Thermo-Nuclear Bomb!

Death Stranding Order 38

So now after picking this cargo from the Distribution Center of Lake Knot City, get on your track towards the South Knot City where you have to deliver the cargo. Follow the route which will be laid be the Auto Pavers.

You will be already quite familiar with this route by now as it is used many times for travelling around. This familiarity with the route will help you travel faster, so make sure you travel as fast as possible because you are having a Thermo-Nuclear bomb with yourself!

Following the route will get you to the South Knot city, where you have to dispose of the nuclear bomb by the edge of the Lake North of the South Knot city. It is not as easy as it sounds, because now you will have under 20 minutes to complete the travel.

So after reaching South Knot city, head towards the beach which is in between the Junk Dealer and the Chiral Artist’s Studio. Once you reach the beach, head straight south riding the over hill, and then move east along the beach to find the spot where you will have to dispose of the Bomb.

Once you have reached the allocated spot for disposing off the Bomb, you have to throw the Nuke there into the lake.

To do so, go into your cargo and select the Nuke to grab it in your hands. If you are using game controllers, hold the R2 while exiting your cargo inventory to hold the Bomb in your hand. Once you have grabbed it, press the Square button to swing the Bomb and then un-press the R2 to throw it.

Once you have got rid of the Thermo-Nuclear bomb, you will see a long Cut-scene of Fragile’s and Higgs’ history. After that you will be able to move along with your supply run South of South Knot City.

Now you still have the Provisions which you have to deliver to the Distribution Center of the South Knot City. So get on your track and head back to the South Knot city. You will have to take a left in reverse direction to leave the beach. So keep moving this way until you find the wall of the South Knot city.

Once reached, head towards the West to find the entrance into the City. After entering in there, get yourself directed towards the Distribution Center.

After arriving there, make your delivery of all the Provision and boom! You have complete your order no. 38

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