Death Stranding Order 36: Retrieval Sticky Guns Guide

As part of Order 36 of Death Stranding, players are tasked with retrieving containers of sticky guns from an enemy base. In order for Order 36 Retrieval Sticky Guns to be a success, players need to recover at least one container of guns. In this guide, we will show you how to complete Death Stranding order Retrieval Sticky Guns.

Death Stranding Order 36

Players need to collect at least 6 sticky guns to complete this mission and then deliver them to the Distribution Center south of Lake Knot City. Below are the recommended items we would suggest you take with you on the mission

  • Bridges Boots Lv. 2 – Always carry a spare pair.
  • Sticky Gun x1 – While gathering stolen Sticky Guns, why not use one to get them back.
  • Power Skeleton – Never a bad idea to have it equipped.
  • Stun Bombs x1 – If you’re spotted, it’s good to have some backup options.
  • Bola Gun x1 – for any Mules you run into and need to fight off

It is recommended to take orders 36 and 37 simultaneously and finishing Order 37 first, then completing Order 36 as you head back north to Lake Knot City.

Start this mission straight from the Distribution Center, or from the Cosplayer you connect to the Chiral Network in order 37. Either way, your objective will be the same.

First, you will approach the MULE camp, with mule camps you always have the option for the stealthy approach, for that, wait for their search ping, and quickly nullify it.

This will allow you to complete your objectives stealthily from afar without being noticed as long as you’re careful, doing your best to hide in tall grass.

Use your Odradek scanner to identify the MULES carrying the extra Sticky Guns, and equip your own from your inventory.

Continue to hide in the grass and approach as close as you can while remaining hidden. Aim with your sticky gun and it will tell you if you’re in range to use it, fire with R2 and the Stick Gun will grab the package of the MULE and send it flying to you, this won’t break your stealth and the mule won’t even notice the missing package.

You should see 3 containers total. 2 carried by foot soldiers, and one in a truck. You only need one to complete Order 36 but getting all will result in a better grade.

Once you have your desired sticky gun containers, head back to the Distribution Center and pick up a Reverse Trike.

Then, follow the path you took from Lake Knot to the Distribution center back up to Lake Knot City. Once you arrive at Lake Knot, turn in the Sticky Guns, then queue up Order 38 once you’ve rested up and you’re ready to go

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