Death Stranding Order 35: Prototype Delivery to Distribution Center Guide

This is our guide to Death Stranding, and here we discuss the order 35 Prototype Delivery to Distribution Center. This order will consist of returning to the Distribution Centre south of the Lake Knot. You can reach this area by jumping over a gorge or by running around a precipice. As a reward for completing the task, you will receive your first four-wheeled vehicle.

Death Stranding Order 35

Take the below-recommended items before you start Order 35 Prototype Delivery to Distribution Center

  • Bridges Boots Lv. 2 – Always carry a spare pair.
  • Reverse Trike – Hopefully you remember where your trusty Trike is, as this will be much quicker with it

This quest will start at Junk Dealer’s. You will have to go to the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City. Just like the route you took to get to the Junk Dealer’s, your easiest route is going to be using your Trike and following the same path you took to get here.

You can travel around the Northside of the Canyon and the MULE camp, just like before. Be wary of any pings the Mules may send out, if not you might have to fight them, be careful and you will be at the distribution center in no time and complete the job.

For your efforts in adding the Junk dealer to the chiral network, he will aptly reward you with the completion of order 35, he’s provided the UCA with a prototype engine that allows the creation of Trucks, extremely useful for carrying lots of cargo as long as the road is clear (paved roads are best).

He also provided you with extra space on your backpack for storage of essentials like Grenades and Blood Bags. A really handy upgrade, that’s for sure.

All of this will be explained to you through Cut scenes, with your associates wondering and being surprised at the gifts you received from a simple junk dealer, who the heard was “a pro”, but are still surprised. The pouch will be available in your room, which you will have to visit anyway to upgrade your backpack.

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