Death Stranding Order 34: Chiral Artist Delivery Junk Dealer Guide

As everyone suspected, the Junk Dealer’s girlfriend the Chiral Artist is alive and well, and Order 34 has you bringing her back to him to get him on the Chiral Network. Death Stranding Order 34 Chiral Artist Delivery is essential to proceed in the main story of the game and this guide will help you with it.

Death Stranding Order 34

Take the items we have suggested below before you start Order 34 Chiral Artist Delivery Junk Dealer

Bridge Boots Level 2: Now that you have access to the better version, it is better to use these instead of the basic level 1 at all times.

Power Skeleton: Use the power skeleton instead of Speed skeleton because bodies are pretty heavy.

Hematic Grenade: They might prove useful in the way back so do bring them with you. (Bring one or two in Order 33)

Anti-BT gun: Use the new weapon you just got to defend yourself.

Blood Bags: Again, 2 blood bags for the Anti-BT gun amd Hematic grenades.

Time to bring the two lovers back together, and to do so you’ll need to transport a live person, a first for you, though the idea is very much the same as when you transported the President’s body back in Episode 1, and now you have a Power Skeleton, so the weight will be far easier to carry.

Once you’ve got everything loaded up for delivery, including the Chiral Artist, you have a choice to make.

You can either go back the way you initially came, and give those BTs some hell with your new Anti-BT Gun.

You can also continue along the southern foothills of the mountains, and cross once the BT area is behind you, making your trip much less eventful. (The second route is much easier and safe).

Head along the beach until you see the ruins of South Knot City in the distance, then turn North.

You’ll have to go up a low incline hill, but once over it, you should see the Junk Dealer’s building in the distance and it’s a straight journey from here.

After a short cutscene of seeing the two reunited, the Junk Dealer will finally agree to be a part of the Chiral Network, and also gives you the data to craft Speed Skeletons, as well as Stun Bombs as a reward for completing order 34.

With this area connected to the Network, you’ll now need to finally connect South Knot City. Unfortunately, they also need a physical delivery of supplies that can’t be fabricated with a Chiral Printer, so you’ll have to make your way back north to Lake Knot City to grab the materials.

Thankfully there’s an order here with the Junk Dealer to take North on the way.

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