Death Stranding Order 33: Hour Glass Delivery to Chiral Artist Guide

Continuing on from Order 32 of Death Stranding, the Junk Dealer receives the good news that his Girlfriend is well and alive. Now, he decides to send her proof that he is also alive. This is all to add him into the Chiral Network as you make way South. This is where Order 33 Hour Glass Delivery to Chiral Artist comes in and in our Death Stranding guide we will help you finish it.

Death Stranding Order 33

In order to successfully help the Junk Dealer, the below item list can be highly useful to carry with you when attempting Order 33 Hour Glass Delivery.

  • Bridge Boots: Now that you have access to the better version of Bridge Boots(Level 2), its better to carry them instead of Level 1.
  • Speed Skeleton: This will help you to be faster, however you’ll be carrying extremely fragile cargo so be careful.
  • Hematic Grenades: Although you won’t need them going there, they might prove useful on the way back(Order 34).
  • Bola Gun: Again, it will help you on the way back in Order 34.
  • Blood Bags: They will power the Bola gun Lvl 2 and Hematic Grenade.

The most important thing for the player to remember that the Hourglass is carried in hands so you CAN NOT INDULGE IN COMBAT or you will destroy it and fail the Hour Glass Delivery mission.

To begin, you’ll be crossing over the mountains over the East of the Junk Dealer. Here, you’ll find a Timefall along with BTs but no open hand to use any weapons. This is where you use all the sneaking abilities you gained from previous experiences, and watch your Odradek scanner to keep your distance.

Once over the mountain, the Timefall will eventually cease and you can sprint the remaining distance.

Once you get to the Chiral Artist, you can add her to the Chiral Network and she’ll give you plans for an Anti-BT gun.

She now wants to go to her boyfriend and this will lead to your first live body transportation in Order 34. Good Luck!

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