Death Stranding Order 32: Collect Old Components For Speed Skeleton Guide

In Order 32, Fragile and Diehardman believe that Junk Dealer’s girlfriend is alive and you have to keep him happy meanwhile- by completing another task for him. You are to collect the Old Components in South Knot City and return to him. Order 32 is necessary to progress through the story of Death Stranding.

Death Stranding Order 32

Below is a list of recommended items for use in Order 32 Collect Old Components For Speed Skeleton

  • Bola Gun: Bring the Bola gun to fight off BTs you will encounter here. If you have upgraded, it will prove more helpful.
  • Reverse Trike: Use it to get as close as possible without entering the BT area. It will also allow you to get back quickly and safely after getting the Cargo.
  • Hematic Grenades: Bring atleast 2 of these as its better to be equipped while facing BTs.
  • Blood Bags: Again, its better to bring 2 of these as you need these for the Bola Gun and the Hematic Grenades.
  • Power Skeleton: After retrieving the Cargo, you’ll probably have a lot of weight to carry. Its better if yoh have additional strength to carry it all.
  • Bridge Boots: Now that you’ve got access to the better version of Bridges boots you should carry these around instead of Level 1 boots.

To get to the destination, head South on the trike. You’ll climb a small mountain and from there you can see the Ruins of the city. Once the city is in view, go on foot instead of the Trike.

As you enter the city, your BB will let you know of a large presence of BTs so tread slowly. Trace the Old Components using the Odradek scanner. Ping them down to to see their location and then collect them.

You’ll need at least 60 KG to fulfill the request, however you can carry more with the power skeleton. If you run into a BT, kill it or stun it.

Once you have collected 60 Kg or above, hurry back to the trike, either sneaking or by force, player’s choice. Carry this Hefty amount of cargo back to the junk dealer and you are good to go.

Although the Dealer is pleased, he is still pissed about his girl. Fragile talks to him and lets him know that they have found the girl, leading to the next mission.

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