Death Stranding Order 31: Tablet Delivery to Film Director Guide

This Death Stranding guide will provide a comprehensive and detail walkthrough of Order Number 31 – Tablet Delivery: Film Director. We’ll go over all the various facets that comprise this mission, including objective, destination, rewards, and recommend items/tools. Players can pick up this Death Stranding order from the distribution center in south of Lake Knot City.

Death Stranding Order 31

Your objective in this mission is to take a Tablet and deliver it to the Film Director, who can be found near to where the Junk Dealer can be found (refer to our Order 30 Guide). Therefore, it’s recommended that you get both Orders 30 and 31, and tackle them together. You’ll save a lot of time this way. Therefore, this guide will provide you with two routes, which are as follows:

From the Junk Dealer
If you decide to complete Order 30 first, then this is the optimal path in reaching your objective for Order 31.

Head northeast and keep going in a straight line. There won’t be any obstacle to hinder your path, so don’t fret over anything. However, the terrain will prove to be a problem if you decide to use your Reverse Trike. You’re advised to go through this area on foot – it proves to be the faster method. Just keep at it and you’ll reach your destination in record time!

From the Distribution Center
If you decide to go to the Film Director directly from the Distribution Center (where you get both Orders) then there’s a more rigorous route available to you.

For this route, you’re taking a very similar route to the one you take to get to the Junk Dealer (as detailed in our Order 30 Guide). You head east until you come across a bridge that’s situated over a ravine; cross it and keep going straight until you come across a canyon. Instead of jumping over it, bike towards the north side and circumvent the canyon.

Follow the line of the Chiral Network Boundary and head for the easternmost side of the canyon. Here, you’re liable to come across a MULE Camp. You can choose to engage the MULE Camp, but we don’t recommend it. If they attempt to Ping you, use the Scanner Nullification to shut that down.

No matter what you choose to do with the Camp, keep heading east until you reach the marked destination. Here, you’ll come face-to-face with the Film Director. He’ll reward you for your efforts with a pair of stylish sunglasses, and will connect with the Chiral Network – however, he won’t be linked to the UCA just yet