Death Stranding Order 30: Old Component Delivery to Junk Dealer Guide

In this guide, we will detail how to complete Death Stranding Order Number 30 – [URGENT] Old Component Delivery: Junk Dealer. This Death Stranding guide will elucidate every single aspect of the Order, including the Starting Point, Destination, Objective, and Recommended Items/Tools.

Note that you won’t actually receive any reward for completing this Order, however, you should still do it!

Death Stranding Order 30

The reason why this Order is marked [URGENT] is due to the simple fact that you only have 45 minutes to actually complete it. Therefore, there’s no time for dilly-dallying, you need to book it to your objective – your objective being the following: delivering the Component to the Junk Dealer.

You can make your way over to the Distribution Center after fulfilling Order 28. Although the written task is to deliver a Component to the Junk Dealer, the underlying objective is to connect said Junk Dealer (this will prove to be quite the challenge) – this is not optional, if you wish to progress the story further, you need to complete this task.

You can get the Order from the Distribution Center south of Lake Knot City, along with a Reverse Trike, which will expedite this endeavor. You won’t be returning to this location anytime soon, so grab whatever you feel is necessary for the road ahead.

Head east, following the marker. Eventually, you’ll spot a bridge that you can use to cross a ravine.

Continue moving towards your destination, and you’ll eventually find yourself impeded by a large canyon. Now, this is where things get interesting – you have two possible routes.

You can either drive around the canyon, following the Chiral Network Boundary Lines; this will take up a great deal of time and you’ll only barely make it to your destination in time. This is a perfectly safe and viable option and one that’s recommended to anyone who wants to complete the objective without any problems.

The second method to complete Order 30, however, is a bit more… bold. You’ll have to look around and find a slope that you can use to jump over the gorge!

Use the Reverse Trike to its absolute fullest and make a leap of faith to reach the other side unscathed. This is a far more dangerous route, and only the most intrepid will dare to do this, but it will save a LARGE amount of time if you successfully make the leap.

If you choose to take the long way around, you’ll head east and come across a MULE Camp; ignore that and head south.

If you make the jump, continue driving to your destination. Eventually, you’ll end up in a hilly area. Pass between two hills parallel to each other, and trek up the 3rd hill.

On top of this hill, you’ll find the Junk Dealer’s home, where you can deposit the requested materials.

After doing what you were requested to do, you’ll encounter a hologram of a girl, someone the Dealer believes to have died due to the Bridges and the Fragile Express.

The Dealer refuses to connect with the Chiral, however, he might change his mind if you fulfill his request.