Death Stranding Order 29: Construction How to Build Safe House Guide

The following is our guide of Death Stranding Order Number 29 – Construction: Safe House. In this guide, we will go over the starting point of this mission, the objective, recommended items/tools, and destination, detailing every single facet so that you have no trouble whatsoever in completing this Order and teach you how to build a safe house in Death Stranding.

Death Stranding Order 29

This mission is a glorified tutorial, so to speak. It essentially teaches players how to construct Safe Houses – valuable information as they go forward. You can attempt to complete this Order before tackling Order 28 (which takes you further down South than is necessary for this objective).

First of all, after gathering all the materials that you’ll be depositing in the Safe House, use the Floating Carriers (both of them) to help you with the load; we recommend doing this because otherwise you won’t be able to carry all of it by yourself, and will be forced to make several trips (nobody likes making multiple trips to carry all the grocery in, right?).

Now start making your way down south to the designated spot. It’s very remote and out of the way, so you won’t run into any stragglers or any other sort of danger, therefore there’s no need for a weapon.

Once you’ve reached your destination, go to the Quick Menu and select your PCC (Lvl 2). You’ll see that if you select the Safe House option on this device and then deploy it, you’ll construct a Safe House in a short period of time.

Once Safe House construction is complete, you can interact with it the same way you would an Auto Paver.

A neat feature is that these Safe Houses do not vanish once you leave the area; they are a permanent fixture of the game now. If you’re playing online, then other players can also use these Safe Houses!

What this Order teaches players is that a PCC can be used to create your own little safe haven anywhere in the world.

And by interacting with the Safe House, you can store any materials that you don’t wish to carry around but don’t wish to discard, either. This is quite useful as you won’t always be near a preset Private Room, the likes of which can be found in locations such as the Weather Station.

Once you’ve constructed the Safe House and deposited all the materials within, you’ll have fulfilled the Order. There are no rewards for completing this objective, but you do learn of an indispensable feature and that’s worth its weight in gold