Death Stranding Order 28: Wheat Seed Delivery Timefall Farmers Guide

In this walkthrough, we’ll go over one of the Orders in Death Stranding. The following Death Stranding guide will explain how to complete the Order Number 28, aka the Wheat Seed Delivery: Timefall Farmers. We will detail the starting location, the destination, the rewards, the tools and items we personally recommend, and an in-depth guide on how to go about the mission.

Death Stranding Order 28: Wheat Seed Delivery

This mission is only available in Chapter 3, once you’ve got the Weather Station functioning again. Your objective is as follows: courier 4 containers of wheat to several Timefall Farmers.

To begin with, start heading south from the Weather Station; your objective is directly south! As you move further south, you’ll notice a gap between two hills, your destination is further in this gap.

For items and gear to take with you, we would recommend

  • Bridge Boots (Lvl 2)
  • Power Skeleton
  • PCC Lvl 2 (x1)
  • Bola Gun (x1)
  • Smoke Decoy (x1)

The items we’ve listed aren’t absolutely necessary – it’s possible to complete the mission without them, but they’ll make the task much easier, and you’ll be able to complete it expeditiously with their aid.

There’s only one obstacle obstructing your path: a MULE Camp. You can choose to either engage the Camp or take a long way around. Either way, your goal is just beyond the Camp.

If you choose to take them on, this is where all the items listed above come into play. With a Bola Gun, you should be able to take out all the inhabitants of the Camp, though the fight may prove to be quite the challenge.

One way of lessening your burden during Order 28 is to set up the containers on the Floating Carrier, so that you’re carrying less weight and won’t be hindered when attempting to do anything.

We recommend leaving the cargo behind before attempting to challenge the Camp. You don’t want to be encumbered in any way when engaging the enemy.

If you choose to fight the enemy, then grab your cargo after finishing the battle and continue forward. However, if you do not wish to partake in any battle, there is a more pacifistic route available to you – simply move around the Camp, staying atop the hills and as far away from the Camp as possible.

This is a much longer route and will take up a bit of your time, but if you’re not confident in your combat abilities, we highly recommend this route.

Once you’re past the Camp, you’ll start nearing your destination: the Timefall Farm. Just enter the Timefall Farm and interact with the Farmers; deliver the wheat seeds and you’ll have completed the mission.

You’ll be reward with a Scanner Nullification that will aid you immensely when up against the inhabitants of the MULE Camp (it can nullify the MULE scanners, allowing you to remain hidden)