Death Stranding Order 27: Chiralium Gauge Delivery to Weather Station Guide

Whenever a new game comes out there are certain missions that not that difficult to do but if you get stuck while doing them at a certain point then they can really make you work for it. Order 27 in Death Stranding is one of those missions but if you know beforehand what materials to take and what method to use to complete this mission then it would become ten times easier to complete it. In this guide, we will be helping you out with Order 27 Chiralium Gauge Delivery to Weather Station.

Death Stranding Order 27

A little backstory; for this order you have to travel a bit more to the south and your journey will take you to a Weather Station that is Southwest of where you are in the Distribution Center in the South of Lake Knot. If you go that way and continue going south then you will connect to South Knot City and the Chiral Network. It is also required to complete this order in order to progress in the main story.

Below is a list of items we would recommend for Order 27: Chiralium Gauge Delivery

Bridges Boots (Lv.2)
You should carry a pair of these boots at all times because no one knows when you might need one and also you have a better version of these on hand now so why not.

Ladder x2
You will encounter two rivers when you come to an end of your expedition to the Weather Station which is not part of the Chiral Network yet. You may be able to just wade through them but it is recommended that you use a ladder and in that case, you must carry some along.

Hematic Grenade x2
You need to use those Hematic grenades for your encounter with BT.

Bola Gun Lv.2 x1
The bola gun you have will affect BT as well if you made yourself take out time and made deliveries to the Craftsman and upgraded your relationship to Rank 3.

Blood Bag x3
This blood will be required to power all the above weaponry you use in Order 27.

Power Skeleton
Power skeleton will help you out in carrying all this stuff.

When you have gathered all the stuff then you need to go out of the Distribution Center and start going towards the Weather Station in the southwest. It would be visible to you in the far distance.

Not too late you will have your encounter with BT and until you get to the station they will be by your side. AS you might already know, you need to be quiet and stay low and make use of those Hematic Grenades in case they start to search for you or get a little closer.

You will be avoiding BT and going through the foothills of a large mountain. You will get out Chiral Network by making use of the 1 or 2 online ladders that you would find in the way.

You would be out of the BT territory when you hit a river that is along the edge of the Chiral Network. Use the ladders you have to cross it and continue your journey towards the west and you will encounter another river. Cross it using the other ladder you have.

There is no immediate danger after this. All you need to do now is get to the Weather Station by going up the mountain and link it to the Chiral Network. You will get a lot of stuff for all the work you did which will include special Alloys used at all UCA facilities, the level 2 PCC, the data plans for a Floating Carrier, Timefall Shelter and Safehouse, and the Weather Forecast Feature added to your Cuff Links

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