Death Stranding Order 25: Road Reconstruction Using Auto Paver Guide

First, we will discuss a little backstory; after you are done getting the System Server back to Lake Knot City, in order 24 of Death Stranding it would be required to deliver a prototype Bot Delivery. But before you get to doing that Diehardman will need you to go and take a look at the reconstruction of a highway network. This reconstruction is part of Death Stranding Order 25 and in this guide, we will tell you all about it.

Death Stranding Order 25

As mentioned before, Order 25 Road Reconstruction Using Auto Paver will basically have players checking out the reconstruction of a highway network for Diehardman and then helping with it. This is a pretty easy and straightforward mission.

Below is a list of items we will recommend you take along with you while doing Order 25 Road Reconstruction

Reverse Trike x1
Your trip will become much easier if you take a trike as there is much heavy lifting to do in this trip although it is short.

Power Skeleton
AS there is a lot of weight to carry then it would definitely be a good idea to carry along a power skeleton.

Finishing Orders 25 and 26 might be a better idea before you start Order 24 because they are much closer to Lake Knot City so it will take you less time to travel.

This mission might not be available if you have already encountered and completed the first Auto Paver yourself but in case you did not then this mission will help you get acquainted with the Auto Pavers and what they do.

Diehardman will explain to us in Lake Knot City Ditro Center that a massive highway structure will be built if we complete material requests for these auto pavers. If the structure is built it would make traveling a lot easier and faster but it also takes a huge amount of materials.

But the good this is that you won’t be the only one doing the donation, you will be helped out by the whole Death Stranding community who will also contribute in building this highway by giving materials to the auto pavers. It is recommended that you donate to these pavers at every encounter even if you don’t have a lot of materials.

While doing this mission it would be suggested by Diehardman that you take all the materials using the Trike and then go towards the south with your materials on you and try to find an Auto Paver.

When you get to a designated Auto Paver you have to use options and Interact with it and add the materials it has requested. When you do this it will start finishing a piece of the highway structure and this mission will be completed.

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