Death Stranding Order 24: Prototype Bot Delivery Guide

Death Stranding is out and we are all banging our heads on how to complete these orders, which are quite a few. It is not that difficult to complete them but if you get stuck they can give you a hard time. It is also important to know what stuff to carry, but there is no need to worry because for order number 24 in Death Stranding this guide has got you covered.

Death Stranding Order 24

A little backstory for this order; after you are done getting the System Server back to Lake Knot City, in order 24 it would be required to deliver a prototype Delivery Bot which would also enable the South to get connected to South Knot City which would, in turn, connect it to the Chiral Network. It is also required to complete this order in order to progress in the main story.

This is our list of recommended items that will help you a lot during Order 24: Prototype Bot delivery

Ladders x1
In order to get to your destination, you will have to cross two rivers so it would be better if you pack along a couple of ladders so that in case the need arises for it you have enough ladders to cross the river.

Reverse Trike
The road made by the auto pavers is easier to travel on if you use the reverse trike with some heavy weight. This will make your trip on these roads much less difficult.

Finishing Orders 25 and 26 might be a better idea before you start Order 24 because they are much closer to Lake Knot City so it will take you less time to travel.

You would have a little road to travel-ready for you when you start this order if you have been giving attention to the Auto-Pavers throughout your journey through the game in the north side of the game map.

Pack all the things you would need i.e. the materials required for this journey should be picked up by you and your trike. The roads that you build will help for almost 3 quarters and the Trike you have will help you out for the rest of the way. You will also be required to cross a small river that will happen you come in your way.

Getting roads paved is a bit important for this mission. In case you haven’t gotten any roads paved yet then it would be recommended that you take some time out and get some roads paved by exploring.

There is also the option available to us the path we forged while performing Order number 19 and order number 20 just remember to avoid MULES when you do. Quite a lot of cargo is being carried by you when you explore. But there is hope that the structures made by other players will help you out as well.

When you get to the Distribution Center and make the delivery, your life you get much easier because bots will be available to make deliveries for you from now on. But these would be small automatic deliveries.

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