Death Stranding Order 23: Retrieval System Server Guide

In this guide, we will be discussing Death Stranding’s order number 23. It is called Order 23 Retrieval: System Server. A little backstory for this; the Chiral Network is now connected to the Locals around the Lake Knot City which is why Diehardman needs something done from you.

Death Stranding Order 23

The System Server has been stolen by the MULES, which is very important to the Lake Knot City and you need to get it back and in order to progress in the main story, you need to complete this order. This Order 23 Retrieval: System Server guide will teach you the best way to go about your task of getting the server back from the Mules.

These are the items we suggest you take with you for this mission for maximum ease against all situations:

Bridges Boots (Lv.1):
You might need to new boots at some point in the game so it’s always best that you carry a pair along with you at all times.

Power Skeleton
Power skeleton always comes in handy when carrying a lot of stuff. As there is a lot of pretty great stuff around the ruined shelter area in case you walk around a little through the BT’s so you should bring along a power skeleton that will help you pick all this stuff.

Bola Gun (Lv. 1)
There could not be a better opportunity to test the new Bola Gun that you have. Do test it out in this mission.

Smoke Grenade x3
Confusing MULES is always easier when you use these smoke grenades and these areas are filled with MULES so it would be a good idea to take these along. These also help for a quick getaway.

Ladder x1
A ladder may also be required by you when crossing the river that will take you into the MULE territory.

When you leave the Craftsman Diehardman will call you to tell you that you need to go get the System Server from the MULES who stole it. For this one, we will recommend you pack light, unlike the previous order that required you to go to MULE territory. The reason behind this is that you will get a lot of materials from the MULES as well.

It is not going to be easy to get into their territory because they have a lot of scanners so you would need to bring you’re “A” stealth game so that it is possible for you to get as close as much is possible. In case by hard luck you are spotted then what you need to do is take out that Bola Gun of yours and prepare yourself for a bit of a fight.

Here are some tips on how you can use the Bola Gun against those nasty MULES:

There is enough ammo in one Bola Gun that it can take out almost the whole encampment. Headshot is always the best option. Take as many headshots as you can to get an automatic knockout. In case you hit somewhere else they will still be damaged and knocked out but for a short period. If an enemy is downed you can kick them to knock them out.

When all the enemies are taken care of you can go after the wares in the MULE camp and in the end don’t forget the System Server. Once you get it, take it back to Lake Knot City.

It would be best if you put the materials you find in the MULES territory towards the Auto-Pavers which can be found on the north path. It would make it easier for you to travel north and south

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