Death Stranding Order 22: Recovery Toolbox Location, Bola Gun Guide

In this Death Stranding guide, we will be discussing the order number 22 for Sam called Recovery: Toolbox. We will be discussing backstory, required items and the whole walkthrough for this order. Talking about the backstory after you are done connecting the Lake Knot City with the Chiral Network your next goal is to expand the cities that are close along with the locals which are also going to connect South Knot City to the network as well.

But the main focus of this order is to get to the craftsman that is west of the Lake Knot City but he is being a bit stubborn so you would have to complete an order for him as well and in order to progress in the main story, you have to complete this order. This is how you are going to deal with this:

Death Stranding Order 22

Take the below-recommended items with you before starting out Order 22 Recovery Toolbox Location

Bridges Boots (Lv.1) x1
You might need to use new boots along the way. It is always smart to carry an extra pair of boots all the time.

Power Skeleton
A power skeleton would come handy when you would have to carry some awesome stuff that you find all over the ruined shelter area.

Hematic Grenade x2
You will need these grenades along your way. Also, you will get some from the craftsman.

Blood Bag x2
Because crafting is not possible with the craftsman yet so you need some blood.

In order to make the craftsman join the Chiral Network, you will have to bribe him a little by doing something for him. He deems a task impossible so he assigns you to do it. But obviously Sam can do it easily. Kind of like John Wick, you would know what I mean if you have seen the movies.

The task is to get a toolbox back from the north of his location. The problem is that there are a lot of BT’s here. So, remember to hematic grenades we asked you to pack, those will come in handy now. Now it is time to go north. You will see a clear opening into a large valley.

When you pass that and keep going north you will come across a big wall and BT’s will be detected by your BB. Now go through the rubble and then head around the wall. This is the time when the BT’s will be very close to you.

You can also use the ladder you have to go over the wall if you still have them of course. You need to avoid the BT’s and track the Toolbox using the Odradek scanner.

You can use your Hematic grenades for the populated areas but it is best if you save them for when you are making your way out.

In case you are careful enough, your Odradek will never even glow orange and you will get to the Ruined Structure. Now you need to get the Toolbox and go the same way back you came from and keep avoiding the BT’s. You can use force now.

If you don’t mind the danger then there is some great stuff lying around in this area that you can grab.

Once done with that make your way back to the craftsman and give him the Toolbox. He will then agree to join the Chiral Network.

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