Death Stranding Order 21: Gun Parts and Anti-BT Weapon Delivery Guide

In this guide we will be discussing backstory, required items and the whole walkthrough for Order Number 21 called Gun Parts and Anti-BT Weapon Delivery: Craftsman in Death Stranding. After you are done connecting the Lake Knot City with the Chiral Network your next goal is to expand the cities that are close along with the locals which are also going to connect South Knot City to the network as well.

Death Stranding Order 21

The main focus of this order is to get to the craftsman that is west of Lake Knot City. Also in order to progress in the main story, you have to complete this order. Take the below-recommended items when starting Order 21: Gun Parts and Anti-BT Weapon Delivery to make your job easier.

Bridges Boots (Lv.1) x1
You might need to use new boots along the way. It is always smart to carry an extra pair of boots all the time.

Power Skeleton
You got this power skeleton from the engineer when you completed order 19 in case you reached rank 2 with him. It is time to try it out.

Ladder x3
There are a number of rivers that you have to cross when you are going straight from Lake Knot City which is why we recommend you to bring along some ladders so that you can cross them easily.

Order Number 19 to 21 are connected and it is possible to make only one trip for three of them. In case you choose to do so then you need to bring:

Ladder x2
You will most probably have two ladders remaining from the one you got when you visited the engineer and started going from there to the Elder. You will come across two rivers which you can cross using them.

Note: In this walkthrough, we will also be discussing one single trip for order 19-21.

It is recommended that you choose doing all three orders together because in this way you won’t have to deal with a MULE camp because you would be taking the long loop around them and getting work done along the way and get to the craftsman from a longer route.

When you have delivered the prescription, you can take the longer route towards the northwest in order to steer clear of the MULE camps. Use your ladders to cross the rivers that come in your way and in case you don’t have any more ladders then you can use your Odradek scanner to see where the river is blue/yellow and cross the river from there.

When you get to the craftsman it will become clear to you that he is not going to join you unless you complete an order for him as well. When you do, he will agree to join the Chiral Network.

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