Death Stranding Order 20: Prescription Medicine Delivery To Elder Guide

In this guide, we will be discussing backstory, required items and the whole walkthrough for Order Number 20 of Death Stranding called Prescription Medicine Delivery: Elder. Starting with the backstory; after you are done connecting the Lake Knot City with the Chiral Network your next goal is to expand the cities that are close along with the locals which are also going to connect South Knot City to the network as well. But the thing under consideration is the Engineer which is south of Lake Knot City.

Death Stranding Order 20

Also in order to progress in the main story, you have to complete Order 20: Prescription Medicine Delivery To Elder. Below are the recommended items we would suggest for this mission.

Bridges Boots (Lv.1) x1
You might need to use new boots along the way. It is always smart to carry an extra pair of Boots all the time.

Order Number 19 to 21 are connected and it is possible to make only one trip for three of them. In case you choose to do so then you need to bring:

Ladder x4
When you are done with Order 19 you would be able to craft ladders at the engineer. You need to get four of these when you are going upwards on the mountain because a high slope would require you to use them.

When you add the Elder there is no crafting after that which is why we advise you to keep extra two ladders which will most probably come in handy while you are doing order 21.

Power Skeleton
You got this power skeleton from the engineer when you completed the last order in case you reached rank 2 with him. It is time to try it out.

Hematic Grenade x1
You wouldn’t get to craft again soon so it wise to carry along these grenades. Just take our word for this one.

Blood Bag x2
Blood bags will be used to operate the stuff above.

Note: In this walkthrough, we will also be discussing one single trip for order 19-21.

It is recommended that you choose to do all three orders together because in this way you won’t have to deal with a MULE camp because you would be taking the longer loop around them and getting work done along the way and get to the craftsman from a longer route.

When you have delivered the Evo devo unit then you will be going south for Order 20. A river will come in your way and this would the time to use one of the ladders we told you to pack. There will be a MULE camp directly south of Lake Knot City.

Now if you stay low and operate in stealth and move along the east side then you wouldn’t have to confront them at all and even in case they spot you, remember the smoke decoys we asked you to pack; you can use them to make a getaway.

Go through there as said above and you will come across an Elder living life like a Monk away from the society in the Mountains.

Now you need to add him to the Chiral Network and once you reach rank 3 with him, he will join the UCA.

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