Death Stranding Order 16: Elimination Killing BT Boss Guide

Order 16: Eliminate the BT is a story mission in Death Stranding that you get once you’ve connected Port Knot City to the Chiral Network. You need to take care of business before you proceed to Lake Knot City, but first a little action-packed set-piece. Order 16 is necessary to progress the story and in this guide, we will teach you how to do it.

Death Stranding Order 16

You need to leave the Port Knot City Distribution Center and head for the harbor so that you can get to Lake Knot City. However, you need to take care of some business first and take down the a BT boss.

After finishing off your deliveries to Port Knot City and getting some rest, start stockpiling supplies to prepare for the big fight ahead. You’ll need at least 5 Hematic Grenades and the Distribution Center at Port Knot will give you 2 sets. Keep a similar number of Blood Bags to power the Hematic Grenades, and to help you recover from any damage you take during the fight.

Once you have what you need, step outside and you will encounter a humongous BT known as Higgs, who is also one of the main antagonists. It will start attacking you so stop is midway by throwing a Hematic Grenade and landing a perfect hit.

Getting yourself some high ground is the best way to ensure your success during this fight. Get on the floating buildings whenever possible, and start chucking Hematic Grenades at the foe.  You will notice that the enemy’s yellow health bar is going down with every hit.

Anytime you get hit by the BT, you drop your cargo. If you didn’t stockpile a sufficient amount of throwables and Blood Bags for this battle; don’t worry since the strand system will ensure that you get packages filled with supplies thrown into the battlefield for use. They will be floating around and you can find them quickly with your Odradek scanner Pick these up if running low and use them to turn the tide of the battle in your favor.

As you’ve gathered at this point; defeating this boss is fairly easy since you’re following the same strategy of chucking Hematic grenades and then moving to a new position. Just keep this strategy up until you get the health bar all the way down and a short cutscene will initiate. The boss will be defeated and you will have successfully completed Order 16: Eliminate the BT. You can then make your way to the Harbor to proceed to the map of Lake Knot City.

Note: This mission ends Death Stranding Episode 3 so before heading to Lake Knot City, you might want to finish any remaining deliveries and tasks that you decided to skip over up to this point. However, you can easily come back to this later since Fast Travel will be unlocked soon after