Death Stranding Order 15: Equipment Trial Hematic Grenade Guide

Order Number 15: Equipment Trial Hematic Grenade is the mission in Death Stranding that teaches you how to use these specific throwable weapons.  So this is essentially a tutorial mission that helps you learn a new gameplay mechanic. In this guide, we will help you finish Order Number 15: Equipment Trial Hematic Grenade even though it is a fairly straightforward mission.

Death Stranding Order 15

Go from Capital Knot City to Port Knot City in the Southwest. Along the way, you’ll have to stop a few times and test out a new throwable weapon known as the Hematic Grenade. These tests are meant to determine how effective this weapon is in killing BTs.

You will get a briefing that explains the origin and purpose of Hematic Grenades. They are crafted from Sam’s blood for the purpose of wiping out any BTs you encounter on your travels. You will have to test these out so carry around a few Blood Bags to power them and to help you heal if you get hurt. You have to make a journey from the Capital Knot City Distribution Center to a BTs area that is west of here.

Proceed to the area that is near the various mountains and conduct a test here. This is one of the few times in the game that a BT encounter is completely guaranteed.

Press down the Right button on the d-pad to equip the Hematic Grenades and then scan the area for BTs by using your Odradek Scanner and BB. You do this by pressing R1 and it will indicate if a BT is nearby by turning blue and then orange when you’re right on top of it. When you get the blue, you should start slowly sneaking forward while crouching.

Keep your eye on the Odradek until you find the exact position of the BTs. Aside from it turning orange, you will get other warnings of a BT being in close proximity.

When you hear one, the controller will begin to vibrate and you might spot the enemy floating in the air. If you listen carefully, you can also hear stomping footprints around you that you can follow to pinpoint their exact location.  Once it is orange, hit the scan again to make it visible.

Now that you can see the enemy, you need to take it down. Aim and throw the grenade directly below the enemy to kill it. The BT will scream and thrash around before dying in the form of red dust. 1 packet of grenades should do the job but if you did Order 14 right before this, then you should probably have more at hand.

We actually recommend that you do both Orders together so that you can finish the latter one on your way to Port Knot City.

Once the enemy is down, a Chiral Crystal will form underneath it that you can harvest. Grab it and then do this a bunch of other BTs while harvesting their Chiral Crystals.

Once you’ve gathered a few, deliver them to Capital Knot City’s distribution center. Select the “Recycle” option to deposit them at the center and you will have successfully completed Order Number 15: Equipment Trial Hematic Grenade