Death Stranding Order 14: Aid Package Delivery to Port Knot City Guide

This walkthrough covers the Death Stranding mission Order Number 14: Aid Package Delivery to Port Knot City. This is one of the earliest chapters in Death Stranding and you need to complete this order to proceed through the story. Order 14: Aid Package Delivery basically has players traveling from Capital Knot City to Port Knot City through a relatively safe area than previous missions.

Death Stranding Order 14

Despite the title, you don’t need to follow the sequence of orders when attempting this. You can actually finish Order 15 first and that may prove to be beneficial when playing this episode next.

You need to travel from Capital Knot City to Port Knot City while carrying a package. Your goal in this episode is to deliver the aid package to Port Knot City’s distribution center so that its contents can be added to the Chiral Network.

To prepare for this journey, you’ll need to stock up on some throwables. You’ll need some Hematic Grenades so if you can; try doing Order 15: Equipment Trial: Hematic Grenade at the same time. Get more of them from the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot.

Also, be sure to stockpile on a few Blood Packs to craft the Hematic grenades. These will keep your ammo up while healing you if you get hurt when crossing the BT infested areas. You don’t need too many since this mission shouldn’t be too difficult. Just keep a couple on hand.

Your mission begins at Capital Knot City Distribution Center, and the packages you have weighs 50kg total.  You need to head south past the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City, to reach Port Knot City.

If you’ve done Order 15, then you’ll know the BT area that you need to go through during this objective since it’s where you test the Hematic Grenades in that episode. This region is west of Capital Knot and you will probably encounter MULE.

You can try to take these on in combat or simply clear the area of any BTs you spot with Hematic Grenades while hauling yourself quickly through MULE territory. Either way, you will be able to get past this area and then pass the Distribution Center.

You will eventually come to a Rocky Mountain pass in the South that you need to go through but this might prove troublesome. Once again, you will encounter some BTs in this area that are obstructing your path. You need to take care of them quickly with the grenades before you can proceed forward.

Once you’ve made your way out of the pass, you will hear ‘Asylums For the Feeling feat. Leila Adu’ playing as a testament to your success in this journey.

Proceed to the Port Knot Distribution Center and deliver the Aid containers. Port Knot City will then be added to the UCA Chiral Network and you will have successfully completed Order 14: Aid Package Delivery to Port Knot City.

That’s pretty much all you need to do to finish Order 14. Just be sure to stock up on blood packs and Hematic grenades beforehand and be sure to check out or other walkthroughs for Death Stranding