Death Stranding Order 13: Urgent Cryptobiote Delivery to Capital Knot City Guide

In Death Stranding, Order Number 13 Cryptobiote Delivery to Capital Knot City (Urgent) is one of the early missions you have to do and is one of the more stressful ones. As the name implies, there is a sense of urgency to the mission so you should only select it if you’re ready to really invest in it and finish it as quickly as possible.

Death Stranding Order 13

You need to carry some cryptobiotes from Capital Knot City to Port Knot City, while encountering several enemies along the way. However, there is a drawback, since you’re given a strict time restraint within which to finish this mission. So you will want to speed run through this order without juggling any other ones at the same time.

You should avoid doing this order at the same time as another one since the time restrictions will make it difficult. The clock will start counting down 30 minutes as soon as you accept the quest. Aside from the timing, you also need to make sure that the package does not get wet as this is vital to its successful delivery.

The mission starts at Capital Knot City’s Distribution Center. Before you head out, you should stock up on some portable ladders. These can fold out to a length of 10 meters and help you go across rivers that you encounter during your journey.

Even though at this point, you probably have a lot of the paths cleared and figured out, having some ladders can help you finish this order quicker and allow you to keep the cargo dry.  So keep at least two ladders on you for this mission.

Once you leave the Capital Knot City Distribution Center, you must head north around the mountains with the cargo safely fastened on to your back. First, you’ll encounter a few BTs in an area to the north of the Distribution center.

Keep your eye on the Odradek until you find the exact position of the BTs and then take them out. However, combat isn’t recommended because of the strict time limit in Order 13 and you will cross another BT zone so try to make as little noise as possible.

Once you have cleared your way through the first BT area, you will have to pass through Mule Territory east of the Waystation. However, if you have already done Order 12: Recovery: Confidential Documents, then the MULEs in their territory won’t be a problem for you so you might be able to finish this order quicker. Soon after that, you’ll come across a second location filled with BTs so see if you can get yourself out of there without having to engage them in combat.

Soon after this, your ladders come into play. You’ll have to cross a few small rivers while keeping your order from being submerged. Equip the ladder, hold L2 to put it on standby and then place it in position by pressing R2. Use the ladders to get across the rivers while keeping your cargo dry.

Keep proceeding onwards until you eventually reach Capital Knot City and then hand in the Cryptobiotes. With that done, you will have successfully completed Order Number 13 Cryptobiote Delivery to Capital Knot City (Urgent).