Death Stranding Order 12: Confidential Documents Recovery Guide

Looking for information on how to complete Death Stranding Order Number 12, The Confidential Documents Recovery? Sit back relaxed and read the complete detailed guide here. In this walkthrough, we will go in detail how you can complete Order 12: Confidential Documents Recovery for Amelie and the best way to approach the mission.

Death Stranding Order 12

In Death Stranding, Episode 2, Amelie will assign you the task to bring Port Knot City into Chiral Network. The mission consists of a series of 16 orders that you will have to complete.

Order 12 among them is the Recovery of Confidential Documents. The mission consists of several steps which you have to complete in a specific order. But the summary is simple- “Retrieve the Confidential Documents from the Mule Station by knocking off the Mules of the area. Then heading to the Waystation of the Capital Knot city and operating the PCC to create the required bridge”.

You need to get these documents from the Mule Station in the northeast and then deliver to the Waystation in the West of the Capital Knot City. Head towards the BT Area from your current location of the Distribution Center. You don’t need to do anything else specifically to complete this stage of the mission.

Now head towards the Mule Station, in the North of the Eastern Region. Remember to stay equipped with good supplies so that you don’t face any difficulty ahead, as you will be encountering a group of Mules and you will have to finish them off in order to retrieve the confidential documents.

We have written the best route towards the area. You may use any other but this one consists of lesser sharp turns and hence you can speed up easily.

You have to get into the Mule station and provoke the Mules to get into combat with you. You can use Stealth attacking technique to subdue them.

You can also fight with bare fists or through the cargo you have brought with yourself. The better the supplies that you have brought with yourself, the easier it will be to finish them off.

It will be better to clear the whole station of the Mules before you head towards the documents so that you won’t get hit by behind by any of the cursed Mules.

After finishing the Mules, Locate the Confidential Documents. You will find the documents in the Post Box.

Collect the documents and some other supplies which you want to carry with yourself because you will already have utilized some of your cargo in the combat with the Mules.

Also be fully loaded because you may encounter some more Mules on your way back if you don’t take a proper path in your return journey.

Follow the path North West, towards the Waystation. You may use any method to head back since you will not find any serious hurdles on your way back.

Once you reach the Waystation, operate the PCC to begin the construction of the Bridge to bring Port Knot city into Chiral Network.

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