Death Stranding Order 11: Resins Delivery to Distribution Center Guide

In Death Stranding, Episode 2, Amelie will assign you the task to bring Deliver the Resins from the Wind Farm to the Distribution Center. The mission consists of a series of 16 orders that you will have to complete. Order Number 11 tasks players with the Delivery of Resins to the Distribution Center. In this Death Stranding Order 11 guide, we will help you with the basic walkthrough of this Resin Delivery.

Death Stranding Order 11: Resins Delivery to Distribution Center

You will have got 6 Resins in the Wind Farm. All you have to do is to deliver the Resins back to the Distribution Center, following the same route you used to get into the area of the Wind Farm.

Though it is more like a suggestion than a step, you have to avoid the Beached Things. The reason behind is that you will be totally unarmed in this mission, so rather than getting into a hand to hand combat with them, it is better to avoid them at all.

Head out of the Wind Farm. You may remember that there is a steep rock out there near the Distribution Center which you climbed off to get into the area of the Wind Farm, and you cannot climb that up easily.

So the best way is to use a Ladder which you will find around the Wind Farm. You will have to use the ladder to climb the steep rocky outcrop to get out of the Wind Area. So you must should grab at least 2 ladders with yourself before you depart.

Take the return trip to the distribution center. As told earlier, it is best to avoid Beached Things. Even if you stumble into some, you must escape quickly because you will have no supplies to knock then off easily and the only options left are either to get into a hand to hand combat with them or escape as fast as possible.

Obviously, the first option is harder than the hell, so you are left with nothing else but to escape.

Once you reach the Distribution Area, it is higher in altitude than the Wind Farm area. This is the time you have to utilize the ladder which you had brought with yourself. Minimum 2 ladders will work out perfectly for you to climb up the steep rocky surface.

Now just deliver the six resins containers in the Distribution Area that you have brought with yourself to finish Order 11

Build a generator with a PCC so that you can recharge your bike. You can then experience the fun of roaming around the area and exploring the rest of the region.

Also try finding some supplies for your next mission, because in the next mission you don’t have an option of escaping or avoiding your enemies, who are the Mules. You will have to get into a fight with them, so being fully equipped with some cargo will be the best shot.

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