Death Stranding Multiplayer Objects With Few “Likes” Will Disappear

It came as a total surprise this past week but the multiplayer portion of Death Stranding has a social media element where you can give Facebook Likes.

It came as a total surprise this past week but the multiplayer portion of Death Stranding has a social media element to it. Basically, you can use objects left behind by players and acknowledge their help by giving them “Likes” just as you would do on Facebook. Their names and amount of Likes are visible to all players that are connected online in the vicinity. Hence, you’ll be able to see just how many times an object has been used or how many Likes they have garnered.

During an interview with Game Informer last week, Hideo Kojima was asked if this social media element has any further use in Death Stranding. It turns out that the multiplayer Likes are actually a gameplay mechanic.

Any object that you place in Death Stranding will possibly disappear unless it earns a lot of Likes over time. Hence, only the most popular objects will remain in the multiplayer for online players to see and use. It’s kind of how the algorithm of search engines and social media feeds function in the real world. Traction results in higher rankings, which in turn drops the relative content to more and more users.

Interestingly, Kojima mentioned that his staffers debated over adding a “thumbs down” option as well for the same purpose. However, he didn’t want to add any negativity in the game, multiplayer or otherwise. “To me, [thumbs down] is like the stick – it’s an attack,” Kojima explained.

It’s not just ladders that you can place in Death Stranding. The multiplayer component will also read your supply crates, safe houses, lost packages, and etc. All of these objects will be up to receive the all important Death Stranding multiplayer likes.

Elsewhere in the same interview, Kojima finally addressed the issue of Death Stranding being labelled as a walking simulator. He blamed ignorance to be the cause, adding that you need to play the game to understand it. Kojima has often touted Death Stranding as a new genre, which is why he believes that such misunderstanding is going to remain until people start experience the new genre themselves.

Death Stranding is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4 on November 8, 2019. The debut offering from Kojima Productions is all about connecting a fractured society, which is something the Death Stranding multiplayer Likes reflect.

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