Death Stranding Mule Camps Raiding Tips

In Death Stranding, MULEs are some evil porters which are addicted to acquiring cargo by any means. They are one of your main enemies in the game. While you travel from one place to another, you’ll come across them quite frequently. It’s easy to notice MULEs from afar, but it is very difficult to avoid them. In this Death Stranding guide, we’ll show you how to raid these MULE camps and fight them properly.

Death Stranding Mule Camps Raiding

MULE Camps have a specific boundary. As soon as you set foot in that boundary, some sensors will go off and the MULEs will be alerted of your presence, but they won’t now your exact location.

As you walk through the camp, you’ll bump into one MULE after another, or even an entire team of MULEs. In the middle of the camp, there are some tents which hold the MULEs’ stolen cargo.

There are several ways you can take out these MULEs. Note that all of these methods are non-lethal, because lethal methods would create new BTs, which we really do not want.

Bola Gun – Probably the simplest way to knock out a MULE. Shoot the MULE with the Bola Gun and then go near it. This will give you the option to either knock them out or just kick them. Obviously, you want to knock them out. If you wait too long, they will get back up and you will have to shoot them again.

Strand – The ‘Strand’ is the rope type weapon which you always have in your inventory. To equip it, hold R1 and select it from the menu. Now, hold L2 to hold it in front of you; and while doing so get near the MULE.

Time will slow down when the MULE makes their attack, and prompt will pop up on screen telling you to press R2 to parry. If you do that, you will dodge the attack. Now, press R2 again to bind the MULE with the strand and knock them out cold.

Stun Bomb – Stun Bombs are pretty expensive, but they get the job done quick. The MULE will be frozen when you hit it with a stun bomb, hit it with another and it will get knocked out. This can come in very handy when a group of MULEs corners you.

If you see a truck full of MULEs coming towards you, quickly throw a Stun Bomb at them to freeze them, and then another to take them all out together.

Fists – This one is pretty simple, if you have no other options, then you can just use your good ol’ fists to knock out the MULE by punching it again and again.

After you take out all the MULEs, go to their camps and pick up all the loot you can. Their camps are filled with cargo, which contain lots of metals and ceramics. You can use the MULE truck to load up even more cargo. Also, remember to check the postboxes for more materials

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