Death Stranding Gameplay is “Out of the Box” According to Mads Mikkelsen

It’s not easy to impress actors as big as Mads Mikkelsen to believe in video games, especially if they’re as complex as Death Stranding. However, after finishing his work with Kojima Productions, he believes that the Death Stranding gameplay is out of the box and it’s something we’ve never seen before.

Mads Mikkelsen talked with Tass, a popular Russian news agency, in a short but sweet interview, full of insight on his work on Death Stranding. The actor was quick to say that Cliff, his character, isn’t exactly the villain of the story, once more. The more we’ll play the game, the more we’ll find out that “little bits and pieces fit the puzzle”.

Most of the conversation spirals around his experience with working with Hideo Kojima and what he thinks about the game. He insists, much like many others who tried the game, that it’s groundbreaking. Except for its visual supremacy, Mikkelsen believes that the Death Stranding gameplay is something we’ve never seen before. He thinks that this is completely natural since fans expect as much from Kojima. He follows by saying that Kojima is “the Godfather of creating new things”. Here’s his statement:

It’s going to be many hours. I’ve spent two hours with it, and it blew me away. It was insane to watch where this is taking us. Not only was it mindblowing visually, but also the way it was played. It’s kind of out of the box, something we’ve never ever seen before. And I guess that’s what people expect from Hideo Kojima. He is the Godfather of creating new things.

Actors have a way of conceiving their work in an artistic way that viewers might not get easily. Seeing an actor like Mikkelsen getting impressed with the steps a sole video game is moving is a huge leap for the industry. We already knew that the Death Stranding gameplay will feature mechanics that we’ve never seen before, but it looks like we haven’t seen enough.

Mikkelsen pointed out that the scene shooting happened in short segments where actors didn’t really get the pacing. He clarified that players will be able to make choices of sorts and change the pacing of the main story. He stated:

We’re doing little scenes and we don’t know exactly what the story arch is because it’s going to be in a game and people can change that. But we act out every scene.

A little bit of Mads Mikkelsen was all we needed to get us hyped for the upcoming release of Death Stranding on November 8. Note that you won’t need a Playstation Plus subscription in order to play the online segments of the game.

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