Death Stranding Finding Lost Cargo, Porter Grades, Entrusting Tips

In Death Stranding, there is a lost cargo mechanics. As the game has a vast world and you will be getting lots and lots of cargo to deliver so you will see some lost or dropped cargo on your way around. Some of it might be yours from a previous mission or delivery attempt while some lost cargo is from other porters who might have tried to cross the area but met an untimely end. In this guide, we will go in detail about the lost cargo and how to find and handle it.

Death Stranding Lost Cargo

You or any other player for that matters, can lose the cargo they’re holding. So a lost cargo means the item left behind by any NPC or online player, and you can pick that cargo up if you see some anywhere.

Actually what happens is, if you get into a fight or drop your cargo and wander far away, your cargo will get lost. This distance of wandering is most probably half a kilometer or more. So if you wander that much away and then come back you will not be able to find your cargo back.

Both lost and dropped cargo works the same way and their redelivery process is also same. The difference is that at the beginning as you are not connected to the outside world, you will only see lost cargo dropped by NPCs you meet during the game. But as your world starts expanding and you have more and more online friends you will start seeing dropped cargo from them as well.

This cargo can be delivered to their respective owners to get likes and other rewards. This lost cargo can be usable or non-usable. These likes that you will get on delivering lost cargo depends upon the condition of the cargo and many other aspects like the time it was lost and volume.

These likes will help you increase your porter rank. This will increase your stamina, and ability to request more materials from compounds.


  • Lost and dropped cargos both work the same way. In the case of lost cargo, you will see a blue hexagon and a small icon that will tell you about the NPC that lost it and their info about redelivering. In case of dropped cargo, you will see the cargo in green color and the info of the cargo will have the name of the player the cargo belongs to.
  • The condition of this lost cargo can deteriorate over time by getting exposed to nature like rain or getting submerged in water. You can also repair the cargo by recovery spray.
  • If the cargo is not marked and there is no information about the owner, do not worry, you can also use that cargo to your benefit. This can be consumables, weapons, equipment or other useful materials. But after you open the cargo, it will be impossible to return.

Delivering and Entrusting Lost Cargo
When you find a dropped or lost cargo, you will see the owner information and you will have the option to deliver it to any location and not just the original destination. This is because there are many delivery terminals around the game map.

You can go to any delivery terminal with the lost cargo and you will see an option to Deliver lost cargo in the menu. Any cargo that is supposed to be delivered there will get delivered. After that you will get the option about entrusting any other cargo that you have.

Entrusting means that you will pass the cargo that you found to a share locker at that particular location and let someone else get that to the required location. Keep in mind that default of this menu is set to entrust all the cargo you have on you.

So to not entrust cargo, you will have to select each piece of it and confirm that you do not want to entrust it. You can highlight the bottom of the menu to get to a second menu where you can individually exclude the lost cargo