Death Stranding Ex Grenades Guide

The world of Death Stranding is a high-concept fantasy. It has everything from otherworldly creatures to interesting scientific theories wrapped up in its political plot, and of course it also has deadly weapons made out of the sweat, urine, and feces of Sam. In this guide, we will explain everything there is to know about Ex Grenades in Death Stranding and how you can use your excrements to craft these.

Death Stranding Ex Grenades

Death Stranding allows the players to craft almost anything they might need for their journey. The Ex Grenades are basically used to disperse BTs. Since you do not have many lethal weapons at the beginning of the game, these grenades serve as the first line of defense.

How to Craft EX Grenades

The ingredients to create Ex Grenades are actually produced by Sam himself…which are actually his bodily fluids i.e sweat, urine and feces.

Each type of excretory product can be used to craft one of the three types of Ex Grenade (Ex Grenade 0, Ex Grenade 1 and Ex Grenade 2).

Sweat is used to craft Ex grenade 0. To get this, when in Sam’s private room, use the shower. Wash of the Musk, Tar, Sweat and Chiral dust and when done, the amount of filth you wash off will determine how many Ex Grenades 0 you get. Walking around in rain and going through harder terrains and fighting BTs will get you a good amount of Ex Grenade 0.

Urine will produce Ex Grenade 1. Select “Toilet: Standing” option in the washroom in Sam’s private room to get Ex Grenade 1. To increase urine production, drink up large amount of Monster Energy Drinks and hold it in. This is the basic idea to create urine so repeat for more urine production.

Feces gets the player Ex Grenade 2 (grenade 2 for number 2?). One of the only ways to put solids into Sam’s body is to eat cryptobiotes. You can find cryptobiotes all over the map. Scan for them, and you’ll find them hanging out on the fungal plants in grassy areas.

Chow down on several of these by holding left on the D-pad, selecting the cryptobiote option, and consume some.

Doing so will replenish any blood you might be missing, and of course the more cryptobiotes you’ve eaten, the more ammo you’ll have for grenades. Select “Toilet: Sitting down” option in the washroom in Sam’s private room to get Ex Grenade 2.

The Ex Grenades can also be crafted at the terminals so you don’t have to go back to the facility every time.


Although the Ex Grenades are automatically crafted whenever you relieve yourself, they still need to be manually equipped. They appear in the private stash and can be placed in the inventory from there.

Remember to double-check before you head out. If you don’t have any in that particular facility, you can see what you have in your private stash in other facilities by opening the map and selecting Loadout.

The grenades all come in cargo containers which each holds 5 grenades. The containers are “Small” and can be stored in pockets on legs and arms. To use them, press the D-pad to open the radial menu.

If you don’t see them, press R3 to open the next page of the Item list. Once equipped in your hand, press L2 to aim and press and hold R2 to increase the throw distance. Release R2 to throw or L2 to cancel. Try to use up one container first to free up space, instead of having many containers with 1 or 2 grenades since you can not combine them.

How to Use EX Grenades

As said earlier, the Ex Grenades are used against BTs to get them out of the way. They usually stand at one location, sometimes directly in your path. As the name suggests, Ex grenade 0 is the weakest of all and will cause the BTs to slowly flee in a random direction.

Ex grenade 1 causes BTs to disappear for a short time. This allows you to quickly get around and flee. Ex Grenade 2 in the strongest of the Ex Grenades and will create large stunning clouds to let you get away or past the BTs in your way. Ex Grenade 2 is a stronger version of Ex Grenade 1 and has a higher splash radius.

REMEMBER: Even though these can be created by bodily fluids of Sam, they do have finite use, meaning you need to make each grenade count. Throwing them on BTs will remove some tar, allowing you to go for more lethal means.

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