Death Stranding Environment Is Affected By How You Play The Game

Hideo Kojima recently sat down with Gamereactor to answer a few questions related to Death Stranding following the game being shown off at the Tokyo Game Show. One of the most interesting things he talked about, was that the Death Stranding environment will change depending on how you play the game.

That’s not referring to decisions, either, but more like how well you play the game to begin with. Using a few enemies that we’ve seen snippets of in previous bits of gameplay as an example, Kojima said that each time we die in the game, Sam Bridges will have to return to his body.

He’ll do this by entering a sort of between-world between the living and dead worlds, which he said was the beach from the very first Death Stranding trailer back in 2016. Returning to your body successfully will cause a “void out”, which is the source of the game’s enormous craters.

So, the landscape of the Death Stranding environment will change as you die more often. The craters that you cause will become an obstacle that you have to find your way around, changing how you play the game one way or another.

However, even though Death Stranding is intended to be a more “social” experience, that doesn’t mean that other players dying will mess up your world even further. While you might see another player have a void-out happen to them when they’re killed by an enemy, that void-out won’t affect your game.

Everything about Death Stranding seems to be getting explained more and more as the game gets closer to release, but exactly how the Death Stranding environment ends up at the end of your game is something that’s up to you. Death Stranding will be releasing exclusively on the Playstation 4 on November 8 of this year.