Will There be Death Stranding DLC or Expansion?

Death Stranding is now available on Playstation 4, having people questioning their own sense of reality due to its intense universe. It’s true that when it comes to Hideo Kojima games, we don’t want them to end quickly and with his newest release coming at around 40 hours long, we start wondering. Will we get any DLC or expansions for Death Stranding?

Taking into account Kojima’s past titles, we can see that he doesn’t have strong feelings about expansions. Past Metal Gear Solid games had some downloadable content in the form of cosmetics but never did we see his games get behind-the-paywall-story. However, that was the case during his stay at Konami. Now, with a franchise completely of his own, he might reconsider.

Death Stranding is mostly a single-player experience. However, its multiplayer element is strong even without player interactions. During your playthrough, you’ll see that “creating strings” with other players will open up a whole new game.

However, given the absence of replayability in the game, an incredible mechanic goes to waste. We bet Kojima and his team didn’t build the whole functionality just to create some “fluff” throughout the world. What we’d want to see is a replayable mode that makes cooperation between players necessary in order to fight off the BTs.

In terms of the story now, Death Stranding could use some exposition too. When the hype settles and the opinions will be given, there will be fans that even though they like the game, they want to know more. An expansion about the BB mothers on the other side, background stories for the main characters, anything would fit the setting great.

It all falls down to whether or not Kojima Productions want to support the game in the long run or want to jump on a new project altogether.

A recent leak on Reddit, appearing to come from a trusted source, claims that Death Stranding will indeed get a DLC. According to the source, Kojima Productions intends to release it next summer, around the time the game launches on PC. It will be a paid DLC and will have story elements, which make up for the “second half” of the game.

What comes as a surprise is the fact that it’s codenamed “September 1998”. This is the date when the first Metal Gear Solid title was released, raising suspicion as to whether or not there’s some kind of connection between the two.

Right now, there’s no confirmation about a DLC or expansion for Death Stranding. Leaks are not a credible source of news and you should take every one of them with a grain of salt. However, there’s a big potential for expansion for the game on that front. We do hope Kojima Productions has already something in store for us.

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