God Of War’s Creative Director Has Seen Exclusive Gameplay Of Kojima’s Death Stranding Demo

Kojima’s Death Stranding is starting to shape up as this generation’s half-life 3 honestly. And Half-Life 3 is timeless. We know so little about the game, its story, synopsis, premise, and setting, we also don’t have a Death Stranding release date. All we have is a handful of clips that just add to the confusion honestly. That’s just us though, left in the dark. Since Cory Barlog, the creative director of the award winning God of War video game, has seen a highly exclusive Death Stranding demo itself.

Of course, being video game developers and in Sony itself, it makes sense that they would be taking insight and information from each other. It seems that Mr. Hideo Kojima went to Mr. Barlog for such critique. As indicated by this here tweet:

To which he replied with a definitive “Yes”.

Now I know we already had enough to be jealous about. What with how well God of War was received, the awards it had won and the money the studio made. Now we can add this to the long list of reasons to be envious of Barlog.

What could Mr. Kojima have shown the God of War director that we haven’t already seen? I wonder if Mr. Barlog now has some idea of what Death Stranding is all about. Because we’re still pretty much clueless on the subject. In fact, there still isn’t a confirmed Death Stranding release date.

This does tell us that Death Stranding has reached a point in its production and development that a proper demo is playable. At least for other AAA studios, it is. Still no word on a Death Stranding release date, however.

It’s not an uncommon practice for studios to preview each other’s games. Whether they be small indie ones or large AAA ones as such. Even someone as big as Kojima, does value the input of other creative geniuses.

Today’s also the third anniversary of Kojima Productions as an independent studio. A move that happened after Konami canned the creative mind behind the studio itself, Hideo Kojima. As he celebrates the third year of his self-made studio, with Sony backing up. Since we don’t have a Death Stranding release date yet. We can’t help but wonder what exactly the first game has in store for us. I mean again, no idea what Death Stranding is all about.

That’s why I’ve devised a plan. All we need to do is develop our own outstanding AAA game. Preferably getting it published by Sony. Then give it about a year to cook and simmer a good taste in people’s mouths and win a couple of awards, easy peasy.

After that, when our creative genius is recognized in say, a year or two. We stand in front of a bathroom mirror with the lights shut off. And we chant:

“Snake? Snake!? SNAAAAKE!”

After which without a doubt, Hideo Kojima will appear behind us with a working demo of Death Stranding. Assuming the game isn’t even out by then. Hopefully, it is.

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