There is a Chance of Death Stranding Release Delay!

Hideo Kojima has admitted on Twitter that Death Stranding is currently undergoing a crunch period. Reason for the crunch? Simple, Kojima wants to make sure that Death Stranding launches on its internal release date.

However, there’s a slight chance that Kojima may not be able to deliver Death Stranding on November 8. For those who don’t know, crunch means that developers at Kojima Productions will now have to work overtime to make sure that the game releases on time.

From now on, the developers will hardly have any private time as they will have to spend nights at the office and even work throughout the whole week along with Hideo Kojima. In addition to this, the crunch time can have an adverse effect on the health of the employees at Kojima Productions. Keeping that in mind, it’s possible that Kojima delays Death Stranding to make sure that nobody at the studio is having a hard time.

Further, most of Kojima’s followers on Twitter are telling him to not sacrifice the team and some even made it clear that they will not mind if Death Stranding is delayed.

Of course, it’s unknown how much work is still left to be done for the game. Maybe, Kojima is just spending more time polishing the game to meet the high expectations of every single gamer and developer in the gaming industry.

For now, let’s hope that Death Stranding releases on November 8 and that the crunch time doesn’t last for long. Whenever the game releases, it’s guaranteed to sell well. Troy Baker recently said that Kojima’s name will sell Death Stranding.

With that said, players can pre-order the game from our pre-order guide. Keep in mind that Death Stranding Digital Deluxe Edition is available via Sony PlayStation Store only.

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