Death Stranding Crafting Recipes Guide

After years of waiting, Death Stranding has finally been released, bringing with it some interesting gameplay mechanics. One of Death Stranding’s most prominent features is that if you have the right materials, you are able to craft items and weapons. This crafting guide covers all you need to know regarding the crafting process in Death Stranding, as well as the different items that can be crafted.

Death Stranding Crafting Recipes

You need a couple of things before you can craft anything in Death Stranding. You will obviously need a certain amount of specific materials to craft any item and understand the crafting process.


The Crafting process can be only carried out at various delivery terminals where you find the Chiral Printer. You need to make sure that is a strong Chiral Connection available so that the Printer can connect to the server and craft the items you want.

Once you have the required materials you can interact with the Chiral Printer and use the ‘’Fabricate Equipment’’ command that pops up to start crafting

There are several different categories of items that can be crafted in the game. We’ve listed them all, along with their required materials.

Materials Farming

Different material including Resins, Chiral Crystals, Metals, Special Alloys and other will be required to craft the recipes you learn through the story progression, therefore, you need to farm them.

One way of doing that is by using the Odradek Scanner which is opened with R1. The Scanner finds the containers in the nearby vicinity containing any materials which you can carry to the nearby distribution center.

At the distribution center, you can also claim materials in hefty amounts by interacting with the “Claim Materials” option on the menu, the same menu where you find the Fabrication command.

Specifically for the Chiral Crystals, the areas of interest will be where Timefall is happening! When you are in such areas, you will see Chiral Crystal Deposits forming on the ground in Abundance. You can harvest them using one of the tools you get early in the game

Items List

These help you reach places that would be hard to reach otherwise.

Name Materials Required
Construction equipment (Level 1) Resin x 32 Metal x 40
Construction equipment (Level 2) Chiral crystal x 30 Resin x 64 Metal x 80
Ladder Metal x 20
Climbing Anchor Resin x 16
Floating Career Resin x 96  Metal x 120

Equipment and Gear
Crafting equipment items make your journey across the game’s world much easier.

Name Materials Required
Bridges Boots (Level 1) Resin x 8
Bridges Boots (Level 2) Resin x 16 Metal x 12
Bridges Boots (Level 3) Resin x 32 Metal x 24
Power Skeleton (Level 1) Resin x 160 Ceramic x 120
Power Skeleton (Level 2) Resin x 160 Ceramic x 120
Power Skeleton (Level 3) Resin x 160 Ceramic x 120
Speed Skeleton (Level 1) Resin x 120 Ceramic x 160
Speed Skeleton (Level 2) Resin x 120 Ceramic x 160
Speed Skeleton (Level 3) Resin x 120 Ceramic x 160
Pile Skeleton (Level 1) Resin x 140 Ceramic x 140
Pile Skeleton (Level 2) Resin x 140 Ceramic x 140
Pile Skeleton (Level 3) Resin x 140 Ceramic x 140

These help you heal from injuries or fix broken world items.

Name Materials Required
Blood Bag Chiral crystal x 6 Resin x 6
Container Repair Spray Chiral crystal x 16 Resin x 8
Smoke-emitting decoy cargo Special alloy x 10
Vog-emitting decoy cargo Resin x 16 Metal x 10

Crafting Weapons and Ammo
Weapons are vital to you protecting yourself from any threats that you encounter. You can craft them, as well as ammo for those weapons.  Certain ammo can be made from Sam’s bodily fluids.

Name Materials Required
Bola Gun Lvl 1 Resins x 32 Metal x 80
Anti-BT Handgun Lvl 1 Resins x 32 Metal x 80
Sticky Gun Resins x 100 Metal x 160
Handgun Lvl 1 Metal x 140
Handgun Lvl 2 Special Allloy x 32 Metal x 150
Assault Rifle Lvl 1  Metals x 170
Assault Rifle Lvl 2 Resins x 70 Metal x 180
Non-Lethal Assault Rifle Lvl 1 Resins x 40 Metal x 80
Non-Lethal Assault Rifle Lvl 2 Resins x 64 Metal x 170
Hematic Grenade Lvl 1 Chiral Crystals x 32 Metal x 4
Smoke Grenade Lvl 1  Metals x 5
Smoke Grenade Lvl 2 Metals x 15
Stun Bomb Lvl 1 Metals x 140
Grenade Resins x 30 Metal x 80

Vehicles help you get around quicker, and are particularly useful when transporting certain cargo.

Name Materials Required
Reverse Trike Metals x 220) Ceramics x 160
Reverse Trike: Long Range Metals x 240 Ceramics x 160
Reverse Trike: Defensive Metals x 200  Ceramics x 160  Special alloys  x 48
Reverse Trike: Ride Metals x 220  Ceramics x 180  Special alloys x 96
Truck Metals  x 320 Ceramics x 224
Truck: Long Range Metals x2 80 Ceramics  x 256 Special alloys x 48
Truck: Defensive Metals x 240  Ceramics x 224 Special alloys x 96


Name Materials Required
Postbox (Lv.1) PCC Lv.1
Postbox (Lv.2) Metals x 200
Postbox (Lv.3) Metals x 600
Watchtower (Lv.1) PCC Lv.1
Watchtower (Lv.2) Metals x 400  Chiral crystals  x32
Watchtower (Lv.3) Metals x 800 Chiral crystals x 150
Generator (Lv.1) PCC Lv.1
Generator (Lv.2) Metals x 400
Generator (Lv.3) Chiral crystals x 100
Bridge (Lv.1) PCC Lv.1 Metals x 800
Bridge (Lv.2) Metals x 1,600 Chiral crystals x 96
Bridge (Lv.3) Metals x 2,800  Chiral crystals x 500
Timefall Shelter (Lv.1) PCC Lv.1
Timefall Shelter (Lv.2) Metals x 400  Chiral crystals x 32
Timefall Shelter (Lv.3) Metals x 1,200 Chhiral crystals x 300
Safe House (Lv.1) PCC Lv.2 Special alloys x 2,400 Chiral crystals x 300 cg
Safe House (Lv.2) Special alloys x 4,500) Chiral crystals x 500 cg
Safe House (Lv. 3) Special alloys x 6,840 Chiral crystals x 1,000 cg
Zip-line (Lv.1) PCC Lv.2
Zip-line (Lv.2) Special alloys x 480  Chemical substances x 240
Zip-line (Lv.3) Special alloys x 1,140 Chemical substances x 1,140  Chiral crystals x 300