Death Stranding Chiral Crystals Farming Guide

Death Stranding allows you to fabricate all kinds of pieces of equipment by using different materials. Chiral Crystals are one of those materials in Death Stranding that you can use to fabricate those pieces of equipment, upgrade and build roads and structures and power your floating carrier. Chiral crystals are golden hand-shaped crystals, coming out of the ground. You need to farm these Chiral Crystals in different ways. We have discovered some of those ways and have listed them below.

Death Stranding Chiral Crystals Farming

BTs are the terrifying creatures that you fight in order to collect a number of chiral crystals. While you are wandering in the world, you are going to find the floating BTs which are going to pull you in a fight with monster BTs. Defeating these BTs are going to help you farm chiral crystals.

Killing the monster BTs will crystallize them and they’ll float in the air. This will make BB happy and you are going to get a stack of chiral crystals.

If you go to places where it is raining or have already rained, defeating BTs there is going to leave you with a stack of chiral crystals. If it is raining where you encountered BTs, chances are that you are going to get stacks of chiral crystals here as well.

You can use hermetic grenades or if you have progressed in the game then you must have the anti-BT handgun to defeat the BTs. If you have both then use both in order to fight off the floating BTs and the monster BTs.

Order No. 8 – Collection: Chiral Crystals
In episode 2, you are going to come across an unmissable quest which you get from Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City. Completing the quest is going to give you some chiral crystals along with the equipment, Crystal Collector, that is going to help you in harvesting the chiral crystals. The equipment allows you to walk up to crystals and pick them up easily.

Explore your surroundings
You can use oradek to scan crystals by pressing R1 which is going to help you scan for them. Other than this, always keep an eye out for stray crystals and pick them up to check them. Chances are that you will get more crystals from the bigger hands as they are more developed.

There are times that you might come across a field of chiral crystals which is ready to be harvested. Keep looking around for these kinds of areas for your benefit.

These are all the ways that are going to help you farm Chiral Crystals. The best, but time-consuming, method is to fight off the floating BTs and monster BTs as help you farm more crystals. Once you have the weapons to fight off the BTs then it is best to use this way as much as you can to farm chiral crystals. Other than this, the rest of the ways are also good if you are unable to find BTs as they also increase your chiral collection